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Updated January 2021

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I placed 4 orders (all perfect)

My last order was right when the COVID hit, and the world went crazy. The order took a while to arrive, but currently all shipping in the world is slow (yes… even Amazon). TOP customer service has been great in keeping in touch with me, and they have given away some free products for my waiting troubles. Thanks guys!

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Jim B.

I wrote a bad review

I first wrote a bad review because I thought I had been cheated. Trustpilot deleted it for some reason. It was then that my wife called me at work and told me my order had just arrived. So I think I made a mistake in leaving a bad review. It took 1 month and 10 days to arrive. Thanks, and I can't wait to see the results.

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I ordered for the first time - Excellent

I ordered for the first time - and I have to say everything was perfect! I placed the order - looked for a suitable warehouse - paid for with Bitcoin. My mistake was that I missed the transaction fee, so there was a bit of time for confirmation. I wrote to customer service. They responded after 2 days and fixed the problem in the best possible way. Thanks Ben!

About 6 days later, I received the tracking number. It took 3 days for delivery and I received my order.
I am very happy - thank you guys at! I recommend this shop 🙂

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Very helpful and professional

There were some issues with my order because it was too late with a certain brand and they asked me if I would accept to take another brand. Very helpful, and I received my products well, but with a little delay (Covid-19 has an impact on the whole world, do not be impatient).

Also, I asked them about another order, why I didn't get my tracking number, and they responded straight away.

I have been ordering from them for a year and will continue to do so. I recommend them and their products are of high quality!

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sejan n.

I have been a TOP customer for years.

Communication and customer support have always been perfect. I thought I had a problem with the tracking, but I was contacted by Ben after a few hours.

I was really satisfied. It wasn't the best PROP I have ever taken, but it was a product that seemed to me to be well dosed, not overdosed like others. Libido, oily skin, and a good general feeling were all present with this PROP. The oil was clean, clear, nice, and thin. I must say that I will be using Maha Pharma again.
TOP always performs well with good products.

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Issac H.

Despite the Covid, my order arrived today

Despite the Covid, my order arrived today. Thanks Ben

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Stew G.

Best Suppliers

I just received my 3rd order from top-steroids. Everything happened in 10 days with the payment then the confirmation which was really fast. The last time I took anavar it was really good. Everything I have ordered since has been a great success and I hope it will be the same with this one. Thanks for the good customer service communication.

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No problem here

No problem here, I received my products after 2 weeks as promised. I will come back to buy.

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The case of the century

This is the second time we have ordered from TSO and it has always been great. This last time it took six weeks for delivery due to what's going on right now, but Ben in customer service was helpful and always responded quickly. I fully recommend this site and will definitely come back to them. 👍

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Husband B.

Replacement arrived

Replacement arrived. Thank you.
I don't put 5 * because there was an error in the delivered products. (Ordered Sus and I got dbol). But hey, I'm still happy.
They don't want to send the Sus, either, it's worth a 4 *.

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Jean B.

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