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4 female stars of bodybuilding

A sport usually reserved for men, bodybuilding gradually opens its doors to the fairer sex. Since then, four women have expanded the horizons of this sport. Fabiola Boulanger, Kike Elomaa, Nathalie Foreau and Iris Kyle are names that all practitioners, professionals or not, know from now on.

At the edge of the history of female bodybuilding

Like its masculine counterpart, female bodybuilding began with demonstrations of strength between women, around the world. Whether in Europe, Asia, Africa or America, various civilizations organized types of competitions between women to find the one that would be the strongest. According to written testimonies, these moments were real village shows. Then came the post-war period. Towards the 50 years, beauty contests were grafted to these physical tests. The combination of the two culminated in the 70 years at the first women's bodybuilding competitions. In 1977, the first official women's bodybuilding competition was held in the United States.

The best of the best

The female pantheon

They are four to sit on the pantheon of female bodybuilding. Ranks of prestige that are disputed by the United States and Europe. Since the invention of this sport, anchored in the millennia, the fair sex has always been left behind. Even until a certain period, when manners were more liberated. But as sport always has its pioneers and icons, Fabiola Boulanger, Kike Elomaa, Nathalie Foreau et Iris Kyle have played this role masterfully. These four ladies are essential in the field of bodybuilding. They have greatly influenced athletes, and especially sports around the world.

Iris Kyle, the most successful

Iris Kyle is arguably one of the most successful women in bodybuilding. See sports in general. This American has won the title of Miss Olympia ten times. The Grail in this discipline. So far, few athletes have achieved this feat. Even in the men's category. Born in 1974 in Michigan, USA, the champion lived in a large family. Her four brothers had an influence on her. But the girl quickly conquered the sports fields. Practicing at the beginning several disciplines like basketball, softball and running. Already, at that time, recruiters had identified the potential ofIris Kyle. Several universities have opened to him.

A super athlete course

She ends up accepting the offer from Alcom State University, located in Mississippi. Logically integrating the university basketball team, she quickly traced her path. It was not yet question of bodybuilding, because it also followed a course in management of the businesses. In 1994, she moves to Orange County, California. There, she was very impressed by the health and the physical of the inhabitants of the region. Without waiting, she began to follow weight training. Devouring magazines devoted to this discipline, until the day she sees it Lenda Murray. This sport has become a source of inspiration for Iris Kyle. And the same year, she won her first non professional cut. The racing car is launched.

Kike Elomaa Finnish heroine

Kike Elomaa is one of the female bodybuilders to have undermined American hegemony in female bodybuilding. She's probably the only European to win the Miss Olympia title. And it's not given to anyone. Moreover, in Finland, her native country, she is considered a national idol. You should know that this country, located in the north of Europe is also a land of sport. With its harsh climate in winter, the people who live there have quite lively and athletic temperaments. So to distinguish oneself in any discipline, one had to have the will and the nerve to win. In this country, the champions who carry the national torch are immediately put at the rank of national hero.

A north arrow

Champion Kike Elomaa did not depart from this rule. In 1981, she won her first national competition. The same year, she finished first of the European bodybuilding championship. Already she showed her ambitions. The Finn has immediately attacked the professional competitions. 1981, represents the year of his consecration. She wins the world games and wins the title of Miss Olympia. A rather atypical course. The following year, it goes down. She is satisfied with the second and third places. However, his footprint remained. The lady was born in 1955 Lokalahti in Finland. A city located in the south-west of the country. A country where beauty queens are so numerous. And it is also undoubtedly one of the assets of Kike Elomaa. After ending her career, she became a singer and MP in the Finnish Parliament.

The modern era

Fabiola Boulanger, in the muscles of a real woman

Fabiola Boulanger represents the generation of modern and independent female bodybuilder. This sportswoman is very famous in her country, in Quebec. First of all because it represents the contemporary woman. Assuming his status in a discipline traditionally reserved for men. Mother alone, lovingly raising her only son. It highlights the very image of today's independent woman. Often, as she says, the key is to sort out the priorities. And in 2004, when she gave birth to her only son, she stops the competition and the sport. Yet she was promised a bright future. The United States was already ready to offer her the dream she wanted. A few years later, she takes the reins in 2006. Returning into the middle more decided than ever.

Nathalie Foreau, the French ascension

Bodybuilding is a real institution in the United States. Making a breakthrough for a non-American is like walking on the moon. And the French Nathalie Foreau has achieved this feat. This young woman already has her fame in the country of Uncle Sam. Still, she was far from imagining that she would reach her goals one day. Since his childhood spent in Toul in Meurthe-et-Moselle. In 2003, she gets her first title in major competitions. She won the Championship of France hands down. Driven by this victory, she turned to the international. Europe and the United States. In 2010, she gets a professional license. Nathalie Moreau thus stands out in American competitions. Apparently, she is still rising.

Fighting to the end

The common point of these four athletes? Their desire to impose the woman in a discipline cataloged as masculine. They total four of them, more than 50 medals, titles and cups of international competitions. Their names are now in the legend of this sport.

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