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GNRH Triptorelin - Magnus - Bottle of 2mg

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The GNRH Triptorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals can be an effective way to "kickstarter" the body's production of testosterone after a course of steroids (anabolic). Or usually to do a PCT.

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GNRH Triptorelin Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a synthetic analog of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH or gonadoliberin) and acts as a GnRH agonist. Triptorelin ensures that the pituitary gland distributes small amounts of LH and FSH hormones. This results in the stimulation of the secretion of sex hormones such as testosterone. Reduced by long-term use of triptorelin (more than 2 weeks).

In the normal case, the GNRH Triptorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals to treat different types of cancer, such as prostate cancer, or for the treatment of gender identity disorders. Or it can be applied to women before artificial insemination to increase the chances of success.

It also used as during PCT, or for a testosterone production of complete restart after a stop. GNRH Peptide triptorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals should not be taken in large quantities (maximum 100 mcg), otherwise it may cause chemical castration (temporary)

Peptide of GNRH triptorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals mix & mix:

GNRH Triptorelin Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals is supplied as a freeze-dried powder in a glass vial. Mix your Peptide GNRH Triptorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals with 2 ml of water in the parenteral bottle. You now have 2 ml with 2mcg of active ingredient.

Possible Side Effects by GNRH Peptide triptorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals:

GNRH Peptide triptorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a peptide that, because of its strong influence on the hormonal system of the human body, may have some side effects, although the number of side effects that actually occur should be very limited.

All of the side effects listed below occur only when GNRH Peptide triptorelin Magnus Pharmaceuticals is used long term and therefore the human organism is exposed to a higher dose:

  • Hot flashes,
  • Decreased libido
  • Impotence
  • Pain in the breast tissue
  • Bony and muscular pains
  • hypertension
  • Water retention in the legs and feet
  • Persistent weakness
  • Sweat.

However, the following effects may be important if they occur, a doctor should be consulted urgently:

  • Inability to urinate
  • Persistent weakness, numbness or tingling in the arms and / or legs
  • Persistent chest pain / severe heart
  • Important headaches


The optimal daily dose of GnRH is 2-3 mcg for 1 kg of body weight, 3 times a day, it is best to take the first GnRH dose one hour before training, right after training for the second and at bedtime for the third.

GnRH combines very well with peptides such as Hexarelin or CJC-1295. One of these combinations will result in a direct increase in muscle mass, strength, and other additional results. If your goal is primarily to increase strength and mass it is highly recommended to do one of these combinations

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1 review for GNRH Triptorelin - Magnus - 2mg Bottle

  1. Avatar
    5 on 5

    No problem of testicular atrophy after the use of triptorelin. very happy that my friend directed me towards this peptide.

  2. Avatar
    5 on 5

    Very effective. that's what I can say. My PCT went well. I did not feel any problem and yet my PCT ended a month ago.

  3. Avatar
    5 on 5

    Product arrived in time. Well packed. But unfortunately I have not had time to try it yet.
    I will remove stars based on the results that I will have at the end of the cure.

  4. Avatar
    5 on 5

    Muy interesante como descripción. In addition to a PCT, the precio es muy intersante.

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