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What is the anabolic window?

Does the anabolic window exist? Or is it just a pure marketing invention of pharmaceutical companies to sell their products? Hard to say. But research has all proven that the body needs to regain strength after every effort. Window or not, this reaction is natural. However, there are limits not to be exceeded. Like not letting the metabolism weaken too long after hours of training. Training on an empty stomach can also help the body more easily capture nutrients. However, in sport, trying this experience could be dangerous for your health.

An idea received from the field

The anabolic window? A vast subject. Since it has not yet been proved that this concept is true or not. In the end, it is both true and false. Scientists have managed to prove that it does exist, but not quite as its advocates claim. Effectively, the anabolic window corresponds to a short moment during which the body is very receptive to the nutritional contributions. This time is counted immediately after the 30 minutes of the end of a session. At this time, the metabolism is able to transport nutrients more quickly into the muscle tissue. Nothing but beneficial effects: accelerated recovery and strengthened muscle building ability.

The anabolic window, an elastic concept

A reality for beginners

Taking into account the anabolic window, beginners will have to consume supplements just after the end of their exercises. Imperative practice for the development of their strength and to take away all the benefits of their training. Without this, the body could weaken and render null the contributions of the exercise session. But we must choose the supplements to take. The protein fast release and high carbohydrate supplements are to be prioritized. This immediate catch will allow the muscles to regenerate quickly. And will provide the body with an indispensable energy supply. For professionals, taking protein just after training is not mandatory. However, they will still have to consume in the coming hours to restore their muscle tissue.

How did the concept of anabolic window come into being?

Before the 90 years, research focused on the importance of proteins, calories, carbohydrates, peptides... Next, the scientists began by refining their work, focusing more on the time allowed for lifting and basic nutrients. With each result, these researchers broadcast scientific communications, on which the pharmaceutical companies leaned. However, it was necessary to be cautious. Because scientists were bringing only lightings. Essentially, about the role of carbohydrates, amino acids, hormones and their combination to promote muscle growth. However, they did not pretend to propose a new sports nutrition scheme.

A biased interpretation:

And often, theorists of the anabolic window have chosen to believe in a new method of consumption of supplements. Scientists have not done these experiments to push people to create new products. In addition, the results were based on assumptions that needed further strengthening. Their research was mainly focused on the medical field. They wanted to find ways to fight diseases such as atrophy, sarcopenia and other diseases related to muscle melting. For most of the theoreticians who have acquired the cause of the metabolic window, they have chosen to ignore the different protocols established during the course of the experiments. Without specifying that the subjects tested were also people who had specific nutritional habits.

At two speeds

The mechanism of the anabolic window is valid if the athlete is training on an empty stomach. The muscle breakdown will be a little higher than if he takes nutrients before the session. However, bodybuilding professionals strongly discourage this practice. Indeed, training fasting can cause in the most serious cases of muscle rupture. As a result, the anabolic window is somewhat biased. Since a body hungry and emptied by hours of training is always receptive to nutritional intake. On the other hand, if the practitioner consumed products one hour before sunrise, he will not have lost a lot of energy. The rest of the protein he took before can still work for recovery. Even hours after the effort. But when the stock is exhausted, it will have its own anabolic window and will have to consume nutrients at that time.

Have a strong nutritional base

The basics of sports nutrition

The anabolic window is often referred to as training nutrition, the goal of which is to support muscle development. In the first place, it is useless to wait for this opening to regulate and balance food hygiene. Professionals can eat a single protein meal in one day before tackling dumbbells. However, they will have no loss of volume if they do not consume inputs minutes after the session. In addition, they can reap the full benefits of their own nutrition model. We must find the perfect blend of proteins and other supplements to keep a steady rhythm. Whether for training or for the growth of muscle tissue. The key to a good evolution is the diligence and the rigor during the sessions.

A balance to preserve

No need to run to the protein shake as soon as the dumbbells are on the floor. The first thing to do is to let go of the muscles. Wait for the body to relax naturally. Otherwise, accompany him with breathing exercises. A rested body can easily recover. The practitioner must avoid anything that may excite him. The metabolism has a mechanism of natural relaxation. Knowing how to find it will help a lot for recovery. This process is also valid for someone who has taken pre-training supplements. For a fasting person, they should take nutrients immediately after the last exercise. Especially for health reasons.

To each his definition

Be that as it may, myth or not, the anabolic window has become a cultural concept in the sports world, especially for bodybuilding practitioners. In fact, it refers to that moment when the body needs energy intake and the latter would be more receptive after making efforts. On the other hand, asserting that it is within a certain period of time is difficult. The important thing is that the athlete is listening to his body to know perfectly his lack and needs.

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