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Who are the users of anabolic steroids?

Use anabolic steroidss in the world has grown in the rows of years. Despite the prohibitions and laws governing their use in sports, anabolic steroids are flowing like rolls on the global market. The phenomenon has reached a level where we come to wonder if it's only professional athletes et bodybuilders who are concerned.

For a long time, people thought that anabolic steroids were primarily the business of men and a minority of bodybuilders and athletes. Statistics and facts in the world of sport prove the opposite. There are today a multitude of different anabolic steroids, adapted to different types of people and for different effects and results. The steroid industry has made significant progress and is able to serve you is here to help. while minimizing undesirable effects.

Who are the real users of anabolic steroids today?

  • Bodybuilders and professional athletes

The use of anabolic steroids in bodybuilders and athletes is well established. But it is the generalization and the increasing number of users in the rank of athletes who is incredible. Already in 2011, Victor Conte, the former director of the American laboratory Balco estimated in an interview with the Gazzetta dello sport that "65% of athletes are on steroids". To this estimate are added the results of the famous survey of researchers from the universities of Tuebingen (Germany) and Harvard (United States). Researchers quantified at 45% and 30% (at least) the respective percentages of athletes who participated in Panarabic games et to the world and who have stated that they have used substances and methods banned by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Later in 2015 Russian athletes were suspended for rigging anti-doping tests by exchanging positive samples for testing.

For all of these factors, it's how important anabolic steroids are in the lives of athletes looking for performance and victory. Steroids have become essential for modern athletes and all these figures only encourage those who are not yet in the movement to quickly get started.

As for bodybuilders, the question does not arise anymore. It is impossible to cross a certain threshold of muscle mass and strength in a natural way. Also natural bodybuilding is not a fast thing; it takes years. There is no bodybuilding in the true sense of the theme without anabolic steroids.

  • The common people: teenagers and adults

Anyone can use anabolic steroids to improve themselves from a physical point of view or even to heal themselves. Anabolic steroids can be used to improve the size, strength muscle mass. They can also be used to lose weight, rejuvenate, or to correct his erectionetc. According to HRF, since 1991, 20% of adolescents have stopped considering steroid use as a significant risk. Today even less since steroids are becoming safer.

In high schools and universities, young people prefer light anabolic steroids to redraw themselves and to have more strength. Above all, young people who participate in sports activities use these supplements more and more to improve their performance. On the other hand, there are those who use these products to treat obesity or simply to lose weight and keep fit. But remember that a course of steroids carries certain risks if it is carried out before 21ans, age where the bone growth ends.

Adults wanting to keep fit, or to get a second youth just do not hesitate to make cures steroids. Moreover, the motivation may come from the fact that anabolic steroids help increase libido and correct erectile dysfunction. In 2015, at least 1 084 000 from adult Americans, reported using anabolic steroids according to HRF.

And women in all this?

Those who think that the use of anabolic steroids only concerns men are largely wrong. Most girls today are introducing anabolic steroids into their daily lives to keep the line. Many steroids have been specially designed for women so that they can burn fat effectively and get a little muscle passing.

In the world of athletes, there is no exception. Men as well as women are doping to improve their performance. For example in 2007 the famous Marion Jones, several times titled, had to confess in an investigation to have used steroids from 1999 at least.

We also find an active community of bodybuilders ladies even if they are not as numerous as men.
The use of anabolic steroids has exploded in recent years. It is no longer reserved for bodybuilders and professional athletes. Even if they are the main actors of this use, anabolic steroids remain available for everyone. Adolescents and adults of all ages regardless of gender are increasingly interested.

But even if everyone dreams of being bigger, stronger, more muscular, thinner, more beautiful simply, a steroid cure should be framed and be performed by adults over 21 years old. The market for anabolic steroids is therefore attentive to requests and offers in return the appropriate solution for each type of people, while improving each time the products for more efficiency and satisfactory results. Statistics have shown that the number of women using anabolic steroids is almost equal to that of men.

Faced with this growing demand, some clandestine laboratories do not hesitate to extol the advantages of fake products. When you want to take anabolic steroids, make sure you get authentic products from recognized laboratories.

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    Mariette March 23 2018 at 4: 11

    In France I do not know. but when I was in Brazil. I saw a lot of people who were openly praising it. All categories of age, sex etc

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    gold guy March 20 2018 at 9: 02

    We should change the title to "Who do not use steroids" like that, it would be much simpler. Because nowadays, there are only very few people who do not take

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    I am looking for the best product for the crossfit. I am a woman of 28 years and I train since 4 years.
    I used to do weightlifting before, but in a natural way. I think I'm not making enough progress and I'm looking for a way to overcome this stagnation.

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    LucEmTana February 26 2018 at 8: 16

    In recent years, languages ​​and writings have begun to unravel with anabolic steroids. Forgotten the time when this product was considered heresy. Whether it's sport, the medical world, well-being ... These are the health and sports products of the future.

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    I just want to ask about the injectable for burning fats

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