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Aldactone Spironolactone RPGLifesciences - 25mg - 15tabs

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Aldacone, whose dose is 25 mg per tablet, is a diuretic sparing potassium. This product quickly removes subcutaneous fluid and sodium to get the muscular definition sought after by bodybuilders.

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Aldactone is a diuretic that is very popular among many athletes. Indeed, it will allow them to reduce their weight by removing excess water in the body.

In the world of sport, this compound is widely used and gives excellent results.. This aspect is very important for many athletes in combat sports because even by losing water and electrolytes, they will keep their muscles and their combative mass, the source of their strength.

For bodybuilders or competitors, this compound allows them to get rid of the fat covering their muscles. With a thinner skin and a more striated physique, their conditioning will be all the more impressive.

When used medically to treat hypertension, the recommended starting dose in adults is 50 mg to 100 mg daily in divided doses. It may take two weeks to get a maximum response. The dosage can be adjusted later depending on the individual needs of the patient.

When used by bodybuilders to increase their muscle definition or by athletes to reduce their weight before a weigh-in, a dosage of 100 mg daily, every morning is the most common. The take can go up to 3 to 5 days before the event with the result, a harder and more defined appearance.

The women are sometimes attracted to Spironolactone for its effect antiandrogen. It is used as a safety net at a time when androgen levels have become problematic during a cycle. Aldactone is therefore necessary to reduce the risk of permanent virilization symptoms. A dose of 25-75 mg daily for 1 at 2 weeks is often recommended for this purpose. However, since this compound is more effective at lowering endogenous androgen levels than for inhibiting androgenic action, it certainly should not be considered a cure for female athletes using steroids.

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