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Andarín (S-4) - Magnus - 25mg - 100cps

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Andarine helps to promote fat loss while maintaining, and sometimes by increasing muscle mass when cutting.

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Due to its binding affinity with androgen receptors, S-4 offers impressive effects. The research also shows a decrease in lipoprotein (LPL), which is an enzyme responsible for lipid accumulation (fat storage). Because of its anabolic and androgenic effects in muscle tissue, Andarine helps to promote fat loss while maintaining, and sometimes increasing muscle mass during cutting. User comments indicate that this significantly increases vascularity and promotes quality, a "difficult" appearance, with very little water retention

Laboratory : Magnus Pharmaceutical

Form : Oral

Capacity : 100 tabs from 25mg

Dosage recommended : 25 - 75mg per day

Protection / Recovery : No

Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Confirmed

Good points

  • Burns fat
  • vascularity
  • No side effects
  • Strengthens and hardens muscle
  • Ideal for drying
  • Reduces lipoprotein (LPL)

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Rated 3.50 on 5 stars
10 reviews
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1 Review for Andarin (S-4) - Magnus - 25mg - 100cps

  1. Top-Steroids-Online

    thank you Eric back.

  2. Top-Steroids-Online

    Hello, that's quite possible!

  3. Avatar
    5 on 5

    Grease removed, but not that. strength and increased stamina also. With cardarine, the effects are a little more boosted.

  4. Avatar
    5 on 5

    An ideal choice for both defining muscles and increasing strength.



    For information, the triple stack "Ostarine + Andarine + W-501516" will give exceptional results.

  6. Avatar
    5 on 5

    perfect dry. A reliable brand in terms of product quality.

    5 on 5

    First experience with SARMS, I am conquered. I will do other cures in the future.

  8. Avatar
    5 on 5

    I ordered a box of Ostarine and a box of Andarine and they added me a box of Ligandrol. The results are impressive, exceed my expectations.

    • Avatar

      Do you combine ostarine with andraline ??

  9. Avatar
    5 on 5

    Your site is amazing. This is by far the best shop among the ones I've tried. In addition I came across this lab, I can only say good!

  10. Avatar
    5 on 5

    The effects of this SARM are incredible. I never thought how effective SARM could be.

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