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Biosynergy Sex Boost Peptide Blend

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Biosynergy presents a Blend of PT-141 and Melanotan II. The Sex Boost is a special peptide blend for sexual dysfunction in men (erectile dysfunction or impotence) and women (sexual arousal disorder).

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The combination of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) with a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) acts to amplify the GH release with a synergistic effect.

Biosynergy designed Sex Boostwhich is a Blend of two peptides specifically designed for sexual dysfunction in men (erectile dysfunction or impotence) and women (disorder of sexual arousal). The Blend is a mix of the peptide PT-141 bremelanotide and the peptide Melanotan II in one bottle.

PT-141 is the only synthetic aphrodisiac. The aphrodisiac effects of Bremelanotide are in a class by themselves. Studies have proven the effectiveness of Bremelanotide in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men (erectile dysfunction or impotence) and women (sexual arousal disorder).

Melanotan 2 (also called Melanotan II) is The synthesis of a naturally occurring peptide hormone in the body that stimulates melanogenesis, a responsible process of pigmentation of the skin. This peptide hormone, called alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone or MSH, is active on some of the melanocortin receptors. MSH also has A powerful influence on lipid metabolism, appetite and libido.

Sex Boost brings you:

  • Directly increases sexual desire
  • Regulates the worry of erectile dysfunction or impotence in humans
  • Regulates the disorder of sexual arousal in women
  • It does not affect the vascular system
  • Skin tanning without sun exposure
  • Decreased appetite
  • Skin cancer reduction

Top Steroids Online Tips:

To reconstitute the product before injection, you must inject sterilized water or bacteriostatic in the vial, wait a few minutes and inject the reconstituted product subcutaneously with an insulin syringe. - Guide: How to make your injection of HGH, peptide, EPO and HCG a success!

  • The best is a mild test dose (350mcg) to prevent possible nausea or freckles.
  • Depending on the dose (between 700 and 1400mcg), tanning will naturally be accentuated. Freckles / mole may appear. Avoid sun exposure if the tanning effect is not desired.
  • Take SEX BOOST 4 to 6 hours prior to sexual intercourse. The effects can last for at 24 to 72 hours with a peak between 3 and 12h.
  • The dosage and timing of SEX BOOST dosing should be adjusted after the first use. Preliminary doses are highly recommended to increase pleasure during the treatment.

Preparation before injection:

  • Composition : Box of 10 Bottles of 2.1mg / bottle.
  • Peptides Each vial of 2.1mg consists of 1,5mg / vial PT-141 bremelanotide + 0,6mg / vial of Melanotan II
  • Dilution : 1ml use of bacteriostatic water
  • Frequency : 1 Injection between 4-6 hours before sex
  • Cycle time with a box : 1 months (if injection every day)
  • Cycle time recommended : Depending on your needs and your desires
  • Dose vial : 3 x 700 mcg (1 vial for 3 injections)
  • Dose injection : 700 mcg (500 mcg PT-141 + 200 mcg bremelanotide Melanotan II)
  • Dose in your insulin syringe : = 700 to 0.33 mcg mL (33 units on insulin syringe)

Dosage per sporting level:

  • Le Dosage recommended by the brand is a dosage for the users who have never done cures.
    • Dosage recommended by the brand = normal dosage (700mcg / day).
  • Le Initial dosage is an assay for users who have already made cures of steroids, or peptides and or growth hormone.
    • Double dose = initiated dosing (1.4mg / day).
  • Le Pro elite dosage is a dosage for competitors and professionals.
    • Triple dose = pro elite dosage (2.1mg / day).

Product Performance

Sexual desire:
Excellent performance
Excitement for Women:
Excellent performance
Erectile Dysfunction:
Excellent performance
Skin Tanning:
Performance small
Side effects:
No performance

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1 review for Blend Peptide Biosynergy Sex Boost

  1. Avatar
    5 on 5

    This is something serious. I felt the effects and I enjoyed them.

  2. Avatar
    5 on 5

    With Biosynergy boost sex peptide, in bed I become Mr. Hyde and the day I become Dr Jekyll.
    My wife is filled

  3. Avatar
    5 on 5

    This blend-peptide-Biosynergy-sex boost for me is a find that I am unable to live without it today. Sex is back as good as twenty, exit frustrations, it is also a benefit for my ego and that of my partner.

  4. Avatar
    5 on 5

    The machine was idle for some time, it allowed me to restart and properly !!! (And that's saying something) I let you make your own opinion, but from my side ca sent the patté

  5. Avatar
    5 on 5

    I was skeptical at first, I took a box, it really walking, kamagra sometimes gave me a little headache, here I have more problem

  6. Avatar
    5 on 5

    but the genial sexboost!

  7. Avatar
    5 on 5

    it really works !!!

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