The most popular 8 payment methods to buy steroids

The most popular 8 payment methods to buy steroids

It has never been easier to pay for Internet purchases since the arrival of new, completely revolutionary payment methods:

Bitcoin, Ria, Zelle, Paybis, bank transfer ... have come to enrich our more traditional payment methods such as MoneyGram or Western-Union.

Instant payment, enhanced security, ease of use have become the watchwords of these new methods. We can now enjoy ourselves by buying completely anonymously and therefore in peace.

How to choose the best payment method?

Here are 3 essential factors to consider in your selection:

1. Security

This security is at three levels:

  1. The security of your banking information: Buying on the Internet is convenient and fast. However, it is important during your transaction, that your banking information is 100% secure.
  2. The security of your privacy: As the legislation on anabolic steroids varies from one country to another, it is essential that your transaction be done as discreetly as possible, even anonymously.
  3.  The security of the sales site: always browse secure sites in HTTPS.

2. The cost

As with almost all services, fees are associated with third-party tools, such as payment gateways. It is therefore important to know the costs of each method to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We distinguish 2 types of fees:

  1. Transaction fees specific to each platform (for example, Western-Union charges transaction fees that vary by country).
  2. The transaction costs of the website, which must also assume various transaction costs, which are often re-invoiced.

3. The place of payment

Some payment methods will allow you to pay instantly online purchases from their own website, while others will require you to move to an agency.


Comparison of 8 best means of payment

With, everything is done to facilitate payments while ensuring your anonymity. This allows you to control your cycle with confidence. Everything is thought out so that you find the payment method that suits you best. The table below will inform you at a glance about all the payment methods available to you:

Bitcoin / AltcoinsRIAZelle (US Only)Bank transfer PaybisMoneyGramWesternUnion
See our tutorial / Confirm a payment
Transaction fees04 € -30 € ($ 5- $ 35)0Relating to your bank10%≥ 2%

(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)

≥ 2%

(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)

Our service charges-15%000

(we offer you the 10% fee of Paybis)

Minimum orderNo minimum.50€ ($ 60)No minimum.No minimum.70€ ($ 70)50€ ($ 60)85 € ($ 100)
Maximum amountNo maximum.~ 2,500 € (~ $ 2,500)~ 2,500 € (~ $ 2,500)No maximum.No maximum.~ 2,500 € (~ $ 2,500)~ 2,500 € (~ $ 2,500)
Validation of payment24h24-48h24-48h2 6-days24-48h24-48h24-48h
Credit Card Compatible Service

Only in the United States

Compatible Bank Transfer Service

Only in the United States

Agency payment
(excluding USA)
Mobile appRelating to your bank
Visit the website / find an agencyRelating to your bank

We remain at your disposal to guide you during your order.
You can also ask your questions in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.


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    I had a few problems before payment but we managed to sort it out and I received my order anyway. Thanks guys.

    October 13 2020 to 8: 28
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    hello I can not order with the payment mode the bank is in Vietnam

    18 September 2020 to 7: 49

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