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Discover the stabilizing muscles

The concept of stabilizing muscle can sometimes be misleading, since it is actually all the muscles of the body. They are only called stabilizers according to the type of movement that solicits them. Far from being muscle tissue groups, their usefulness is crucial for the balance of the human body. Without this principle of stabilization, no one would be able to stand up. However, it is useful to reinforce them, especially for top athletes. A principle unknown by More information...

What is the anabolic window?

Does the anabolic window exist? Or is it just a pure marketing invention of pharmaceutical companies to sell their products? Hard to say. But research has all proven that the body needs to regain strength after every effort. Window or not, this reaction is natural. However, there are limits not to be exceeded. Like not letting the metabolism weaken too long after hours of training. Training on an empty stomach can also help the body More information...

4 female stars of bodybuilding

A sport usually reserved for men, bodybuilding gradually opens its doors to the fairer sex. Since then, four women have expanded the horizons of this sport. Fabiola Boulanger, Kike Elomaa, Nathalie Foreau and Iris Kyle are names that all practitioners, professionals or not, know from now on. At the edge of the history of female bodybuilding Just like its male counterpart, women's bodybuilding began with demonstrations of strength among women, through the More information...

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