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Discover the stabilizing muscles

The concept of stabilizing muscle can sometimes be misleading, since it is actually all the muscles of the body. They are only called stabilizers according to the type of movement that solicits them. Far from being muscle tissue groups, their usefulness is crucial for the balance of the human body. Without this principle of stabilization, no one would be able to stand up. However, it is useful to reinforce them, especially for top athletes.

A principle unknown to most people

The theory that stabilizing muscles are muscle groups is wrong. We must begin by knowing how they work. First, the human body is composed of 600 muscles. Spread over all parts, limbs, trunk, head ... They entangle or align. Their activities are multiple, they can contract, stretch, rest ... It is according to their use. For specialists, their role is divided into five functions: engine, assistance, antagonist, stabilizer and neutralizer. A misconception has since made its way, that there would be groups of muscles dealing with only one function.

The role of stabilizing muscles

System of interdependent combinations

However, researchers have shown that virtually every muscle in the body can perform these five functions. The position that the muscle will take will depend on the action performed by the human body. For example, an X muscle is required for lifting any mass. For the action to proceed properly, the muscle Y contracts. In other words, stabilizes, so that X can succeed his action. In this way, no interference will occur between the two. Otherwise, the expected result may become messy. And vice versa, if the muscle Y is asked to make a movement, X acts as a stabilizer.

Towards a balanced and efficient body

The musculature is a particularly complex system. Throughout this organized structure of tissues, the stabilizing muscles play a role of first order. In the Bodybuilding, they are very important to ensure a balanced and sustained body development. By analogy, these muscles serve to keep the body in balance in motion. Many will say that it is the center of gravity that ensures stability. For athletes, the stabilizing muscles must be taken into account. By analogy, they serve as a knot of tension to allow other muscles to perform movements. Practitioners' knowledge of this subject is sometimes limited. Hence the need to provide more details.

A particularly effective principle

This mechanism is crucial because it brings strength and precision with each movement. Indeed, it allows the body to adopt the ideal position to perform the gesture. Furthermore, it is an excellent bulwark against injuries. However, do not believe that it is always the neighboring muscles that can support each other. There are cases where tissues of different positions on one part of the body also perform this mechanism. When lifted to strengthen the biceps, the muscles involved are the brachial biceps and the brachialis anterior. They are located just below the elbow. On the other hand, the stabilizing muscle is that of the shoulder, located a little higher.

How to improve the stabilizing muscles?

Know how to stick to goals

The stabilizing muscles can be strengthened. Again, these are not specific muscle groups. Only, when a muscle is weak to ensure a movement, one must think of toning it. This can happen after an injury. Well-defined exercises and regular training are the bases for strengthening these muscles. For some practitioners, doing these movements out of the room, in a neutral place, will be more motivating to firm these fixative tissues. However, there is no precise rule on this last point. The important thing is to apply as much as possible in the series.

More feelings in beginners

The importance of stabilizing muscles is most felt by beginners in bodybuilding. The aches are so many signals of their lack of strength. Just like tremors during uprisings or pulls. Or when the novice practitioner tries a new movement. Sometimes, advanced athletes can even face this situation. That's why you need to know the specific exercises to strengthen them. In general, weak stabilizing muscles are often the muscles that are rarely used on a daily basis. This applies to both the seasoned athlete and the individual who does not play any sport.

Necessary in the high level

Poorly executed training to improve the performance of stabilizing muscles could lead to dangerous consequences. First of all, doing this type of exercise is rather reserved for a specific purpose. In most cases, it is reserved for collective sports practitioners, such as football or basketball. They need a lot of stability to ensure their movements. If some muscles are less efficient than others, their muscle coordination will be incomplete. For example, they will not be able to play on the fly or have a good rebound. It goes without saying that these trainings are practiced in high level sports leagues.

New methods

For the moment, no special exercise is intended for stabilizing muscles. The least stressed muscles in the body are the internal obliques, pelvic floor, multifidus ... They are located at the level of the spine and pelvis. Doing exercises to strengthen them is risky without a very strict application. Despite advances in research, existing equipment on the market, supposedly designed for stabilizing muscle exercises, is not effective. On the other hand, several approaches have been created to facilitate their reinforcement. Like breathing Pilates, based on controlled inspirations and expirations.

Better listen to your body

Do not fall into the traps of web-based tips for specific exercises to strengthen the stabilizer muscless. First of all, it's important to know that this is not a specific place or group of defined muscles. An assiduous and rigorous practice can strengthen these tissues. After, you have to trust nature. Although musculature is a complex mechanism, it is also an effective mechanism. Good practice always brings good results.

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