How to take a power take: the 3 keys to success

How to take a power take: the 3 keys to success

In strength training as in other athletic sports, if you want to jump higher, run faster, hit harder, increase your stamina, become more powerful and perform better ... You have to build your strength. It has been proved that Athletic performance depends directly or indirectly on the qualities of muscle strength (oh yes, that's what we're talking about ). The more muscles you have, the more performance you will have in everything you do. That is all ! But when you talk about strength, it's not just about muscle size and capacity.

When you are stronger, you can also easily lose weight (and body fat) different ways. It's also worth mentioning that muscle strength enhances your natural metabolism, bone density, resting blood pressure, improves blood circulation, helps control blood sugar, improves balance and coordination, protects you from injury, etc. etc. That's enough now ? So, more than ever, you need strength! If you agree with us then, see in the next few lines what you could do for this PTO.

Proper training to build force

Practicing hard is good. Training smarter is even better. Training for the PTO is different from that for increasing muscle volume. So be careful, let's be clear from the beginning of our blah-blah: Big muscles do not necessarily mean stronger muscles.

Build your strength first and you can have bigger muscles thereafter. This does not mean that if you train, your muscles will not get fat. They may grow ! It just depends on your training. So do not panic, saying, "That's not what I read somewhere. "

Your training for the PTO can be made of 2 ways:

  • In a global way (all over the body) Where your exercise routines will work all your muscles,
  • In a more localized way in which only a muscle group Stagnant in particular will be the object of your workout to push it to develop.

A strength training usually has as a basis 5 series 5 repetitions to 90% of your 1RM or 5 series of 3 repetitions to 95% with 2mn30 to 3mn30 of pause. You can perform them in squat, raised ground, weighted pull, bench press or neck developed movements. The PTO delay is 6 weeks minimum with 3 workout sessions at each workout. Also, do not forget to be coached by a professional, who does not impose you only theories Which he hardly mastered.

Nutrition essential to adopt

Nutrition is the key to your success if you engage in a PTO. If your nutrition isn't right for your workout routine, you're going straight to a wall. Your efforts will be in vain and you may have wasted your time unnecessarily. It always helps to press over and over and over and over again on this point! Nutrition ! Nutrition ! So as with a power take-off, you will follow a 5 × 5 system, you will have to consume a lot of calories. Choose a diet Hypercaloric food therefore rich in carbohydrates, protein and even in lipids, because you will also need it for the recovery phase and the constitution of energy reserves. Eat in large quantities and eat what you want! Increase your rations if necessary, but not the number of meals. Anything that could make you want, do not deprive yourself! Go ahead it's time!

Take pleasure in what you eat (For once you are entitled to a hamburger and fries, not ?) However, Take care to choose the right fats anyway.

To enjoy a healthy diet, you can try to prepare your daily ration yourself at home without feeling restricted. There you can better control what is really on your plate. You can also easily calculate the calories of your meals.

Effective steroids in PTO

During the PTO, you can take steroids ! Steroids can be incredible allies for those who struggle with PTO. They will provide you with a huge gain in strength and even allow you to surpass your limits. Some steroids Will help you Gaining strength Only, but others may also Get endurancewhich I think will be useful if you train on the long run. In addition, this is a winning combination that is not so bad: strength and endurance.

Why not ? So here are some steroids that we recommend: Anadrol, The eternal Anavar, Trenbolone and Testosterone are all very effective for PTO. On the other hand, if you want to take mass, Dianabol will make its effect. You have the choice !

The period of power take-off is a very important step not to neglect. She is even the coolest too, since it is in this phase that you can really let go at all levels ! Follow everything you've been told in the 3 essentials above: Training, Nutrition and Steroids, and you will really have fun achieving your goal. Finally, do not be discouraged if you go through periods of decline. It's normal. Continue to persevere!

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  • Blais

    Now it's a little clearer for the PTO. Before I thought that doing daily exercises no matter which ones are enough to increase the strength, even the stamina.

    August 15 2018 to 9: 46
  • Zakaria

    Is there a particular food that alone can increase its strength? I think of Popeye spinach.

    August 21 2017 to 4: 38

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