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Ultimate Dry Pack - Masteron + Primobolan + Winstrol - Injectable Steroids

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This complete pack with protections is ideal for weight loss or dryness. The dry is a very important moment in the transformation of your body, it is the final and decisive moment. The Primobolan and Winstrol will help you reduce your fat percentage percentage and you will get with the Masteron for perfect muscle definition.

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This pack will bring you:

  • Weight loss without reducing your muscle size.
  • A transformation of fat to muscles.
  • Hard and defined muscles.
  • Exceptional muscle definition with Masteron.
  • Provides a very slim physique (appearance of veins ....)

Complete pack for 8 weeks of complete treatment.

Injection frequency and steroid intake

For Using Winstrol:

  • Week 1 - 2 and 7 - 8: Take 2ml Winstrol. Example of setting: 1ml 1ml Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Week 3 and 6 : Take 3ml Winstrol. Example of setting: 1ml Tuesday, Thursday and 1ml 1ml Saturday.

For using Masteron and Primobolan:

  • Week 1 - 3 and 6 - 8: Take 1ml from Masteron and 1ml from Primobolan. Take example: 1ml of each on Wednesday. Do only one injection.
  • Week 4 and 5 : Take 2ml from Masteron and 2ml from Primobolan. Take example: 1ml of each on Monday and 1ml of each on Friday.

Taking protections

Products like T3 Cytomel, Clenbuterol and Reductil are not steroids, and Winstrol and Primobolan are steroids that do not aromatize, you do not have so no need for anti-estrogens like Nolvadex, proviron and Clomid raises.

A conscientious athlete is a person who protects his health, even if he wants to increase his sports performance.


  • As you know, all injectable steroids can be mixed in the same syringe (to reduce number of injections) except Winstrol, which must be injected separately.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol during your treatment; drink plenty of water (minimum 3 liters per day) to make sure your kidneys are working perfectly.
  • The remaining steroids and protections can serve you for your next treatment (to preserve product over 2 years, keep them away from dust, light, and humidity).

Product Performance

Average performance
Muscle definition:
Excellent performance
Loss of fat / water:
Excellent performance
Side effects:
Performance small
Gain Conservation:
Very good performance

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2 reviews
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1 review for Ultimate Dry Pack - Masteron + Primobolan + Winstrol - Injectable Steroids

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    5 on 5

    We can very well rely on this site and its products. My dry cycle was as I wanted it, maybe a little more. I like my very dry form with obvious muscles.

  2. Avatar
    5 on 5

    My wife thought I was trying very hard to lose weight. But she did not suspect the existence of this product. Thank you anyway. It helped me.

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