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The Positive Effects of Steroids

Outside of some adepts convinced of the benefits of steroids on their bodies, anabolic products do not really enjoy at the moment, a good reputation. Their perception most often refers to that of doping products, performance drugs, therefore illegal and dangerous for the body.

This demonization steroids comes essentially from four factors closely related to each other:

  • A Ignorance of steroids and how they work
  • Un Cruel lack of public awareness of steroids
  • Over-mediatization of adverse effects on the body, most often resulting from overdoses
  • A proscribed and condemned status in many countries, banned by most sports federations.

In addition,Purely medical use, Steroids are associated with the notion of cheating, especially in the world of sport.

In order to reduce the existing gap between the knowledge of steroids and the beliefs conveyed against them, we propose to discover The positive effects of anabolic steroids on the body.

But to better understand their benefits on the body, it is important, first of all to know their mode of operation and the necessary framework to make the most of the benefits of its cure.

How do anabolic steroids work?

The steroids Anabolic agents represent synthetic derivatives of testosterone. They Mimic the anabolic and androgenic effects of the sex hormone.

Their intake will cause an increase in testosterone levels in the body and thus promote the synthesis of proteins, necessary for the development of muscles, and boost male characteristics (deep voice, hair ...).

By bringing additional testosterone into the body, the body will have to adapt to this surplus of hormone,HPTA axis, responsible for the production of natural testosterone. Thus, the HPTA axis goes during the steroids cure, stop the production of natural testosterone, for safety. During the cure, the body will not feel this change since it will receive synthetic testosterone.

Anabolic steroids have a longer or shorter lifespan in the body. Thus, even after the cure, the body will not feel the effects of stopping the production of natural testosterone, throughout the half-life of the steroid in the body. On the other hand, the effects will occur as soon as the anabolizer dissipates completely in the body. At this time, the body no longer has testosterone since the HPTA axis does not happen, most of the time to recover of itself the production of natural testosterone. It is therefore imperative, to help the HPTA axis to resume natural production of testosterone. For this, each user who has performed a steroid cure must Must necessarily undertake a stimulus of 20 days of Clomid and Nolvadex that will stimulate the HPTA axis for the resumption of natural testosterone production.

In addition, for those who follow a course of oral steroids, they must protect their liver with liver protection such as the Samarin. Finally, a cure will also include anti-estrogen protection (Arimidex or Aromex) in order to avoid the phenomenon of aromatization and the famous gynecomastia so much dreaded by users of steroids.

So, A well-framed steroid cure, with The protections Necessary and appropriate recovery, will bring the effects sought by users while minimizing the risks.

What are the beneficial effects of anabolic steroids?

By mimicking the functions of testosterone, Anabolic steroids will undertake a complete transformation of the body, in depth.

Thus, according to the expected objective, a steroids treatment will allow:

  • To develop dry muscles and quality in order to obtain a perfectly drawn silhouette with the appearance of each muscle. For a dry mass Winstrol / the Dianabol along with Clenbuterol / the Primobolan Accompanied by Sustanon, are the most effective steroids.
  • To take volume to become more imposing and to develop its musculature to the maximum. Dianabol is most commonly used for weight gain. To reinforce its action, it can be accompanied by Sustanon.
  • Improve the power take-off to facilitate bodybuilding training and be able to exceed its limits by lifting heavier weights. For a PTO, a cure of 4 weeks from Anavar is ideal.
  • To become more enduring, useful especially for sports such as running or cycling. To develop its endurance, the Winstrol remains a very good solution.
  • Loss of fat mass in order to display a dry physique, or fitness type. To effectively eliminate the fat masses, there is nothing like a cure of Clenbuterol and T3.

Today, public opinion remains fearful of anabolic steroids, due to a mediatization of side effects most often caused by a lack of supervision and overdose. But with a framed approach and reasoned use, steroids bring real physical improvements that would be hard to get just through sports and healthy eating. Steroids bring this little extra towards obtaining an ideal body.

A cure of steroids will thus make it possible to acquire the silhouette so sought after. It shall, however, be accompanied The necessary protections In order to limit the risk of side effects. The results of a cure of steroids will be reinforced by a adapted diet and a routine of training according to your objectives.

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  1. Javier March 18 2018 at 5: 41

    To the extent of this, the los benos efectos probablemente llevarán a los efectos negativos. Estos efectos positivos its temporal solo if we do not use us with prudence.

  2. Basile March 15 2018 at 6: 01

    What I like with steroids and they allow me a faster recovery after workouts, so I can train even harder during the next session.
    There are also a lot of psychological benefits!

  3. Martial 11 September 2017 2 at: 25

    Steroids are demonized! while governments freely sell alcohol and tobacco. How many people are killed by tobacco and alcohol each year?

    We live in a hypocritical world.

  4. wilson 31 2017 August at 8: 27

    It is true that many people tick a bit as soon as they hear the word steroid. This article would surely change their ideas

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