How to improve endurance?

How to improve endurance?

Whether you are sporty or not, know that it is possible to develop and improve one's stamina, at any age. So if you dream of participating in a marathon, practicing triathlon or simply performing daily tasks with greater ease, reveals the secrets of an endurance of iron.

Better understand endurance:

Endurance consists in maintaining a long lasting, sustained effort without getting tired. To do this, endurance is therefore appealing to the breath, of course, but also to the heart, the muscles and the will (which should not be forgotten!).

Endurance is therefore based on four main factors, namely:

  • Breathing: your lungs must be able during this sustained effort, to convey enough oxygen to the muscles to convert energy reserves into mechanical energy.
  • The heart : the heart is responsible for irrigating the blood to the muscles.
  • Muscles : they must be strong enough to support and maintain the effort over time.
  • The mental : it will push you beyond your limits, allowing you to cope with possible fatigue.

It will therefore be necessary to work these four factors to develop and strengthen your endurance.

Work on his stamina:

To work on your stamina, you have to start learning to breathe wellr. Breathing properly, will allow you during the effort to never run out of breath. So, follow a fairly simple technique:

  • Standing, back straight, inhale deeply through the nose.
  • Then exhale deeply through your mouth while digging your stomach.
  • Repeat inhaling by slowly inflating the belly.

Then, it is important to find your rhythm, your pace. So, to find the right rhythm, during a race for example, practice the talk test. The latter consists of reciting a text or having a conversation during the effort. If you get there, then you are moving at the right pace. If you have difficulty expressing yourself, then you are above your pace and you must slow down.

Start during 2 months with a "fundamental endurance". Practice low intensity exercises for a long time. This land work will allow you to increase your VO2max (your anaerobic threshold). And the more you progress, the more you will increase the duration of the exercise, staying at the same intensity. You will acquire the basics of endurance. Gradually, your heart rate will slow down and you will feel more ease during your workout.

Then, insert in your trainings, divided exercises. These exercises will be of higher intensity and short duration. They will allow you to gradually increase your anaerobic capacity. These higher intensity phases, coupled with the fundamental endurance phases, will allow you to develop your power. Your performance will then be boosted upward to gradually exceed your limits.

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Strengthening your endurance will bring you some comfort in practicing your sportwhile allowing you to push your limits to go further. But improving your endurance will also have many benefits to your health, including strengthening the action of your heart.

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    Many tennis players were pinched for using Nandrolone. So I think nandrolone can also promote endurance. correct months if I'm wrong

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