An effective mass gain for an Apollo physicist

An effective mass gain for an Apollo physicist

We are rarely born with the physique of an Apollo. Some, of course develop a square morphology, predisposed to the muscles. Most of us, however, display rather puny or paunchy physics.

So not really sexy or manly, these looks of twigs or teddy bears.

Since we are not delirious, women remain fascinated by the muscles. They like to snuggle in the hollow of strong arms, rounded biceps. And let's not even talk about the effect of apparent chocolate bars, a carved back and rounded buttocks.

Where hee muscle is a major asset of seduction. But beyond waking up your sex appeal, muscle refers to power, dynamism and self-control. In short, it symbolizes the success of a perfect body, like the Greek statutes.

So how do you turn your stunted body or teddy bear into a body of Apollo? reveals the little extras, for a bulking fast and effective.

Prepare yourself as a connoisseur:

Building one's body requires willpower, rigor and a strong mind. These three qualities will be paramount in your quest for the perfect body. However, they are not enough. Since the realization of your dream must go down a definite path, to become reality. In other words, before you even begin, you need to understand what a weight gain is. Without this knowledge, your efforts will be only chimera. You will only exhaust yourself and risk brutalizing your muscles for few results.

So what is a bulking Actually?

A weight gain corresponds to weight gain. And when we talk about weight gain, this implies taking both muscle and fat.

This data represents important information since it means that not everyone will be able to follow the same weight gain.

Indeed, men with teddy physique will have to limit their calorific contributions in order not to take too much fat. They will instead seek to tap into their reserves. While men with weak or normal physical will have to increase their calorific contributions to develop their musculature.

You will understand, the weight gain must be adapted to the morphology of the person.

In addition, a successful mass growth is based on three main pillars: nutrition, training and recovery. So now you become the conductor of the most beautiful symphony!

Food, the best fuel for your muscles:

"We are what we eats. ". This saying makes sense when you take a mass. Indeed, to develop your muscles, you will have to eat more during a period of 2 to 4 months. But be careful, eating more is not synonymous with eating anything.

You want a dream body? Start by providing him with healthy, fresh, seasonal foods. Then, to ensure significant weight gain, you will have to eat more and more frequently. It is also preferable for your body, to distribute your heating contributions in 6 meals / snacks per day. Eat every three hours to give your body a surplus of nutrients that you will need for building your muscle mass.

The distribution of calories between proteinHowever, lipids and carbohydrates will depend on your morphology.

For lean or thin silhouettes (ectomorph), choose 25% protein, 55% carbohydrate and 20% fat.

For the rather square silhouettes (mesomorph), choose instead 30% of proteins, 55% of carbohydrates and 15% of lipids.

And for the more coated silhouettes (endomorph), divide your calories in the following way: 45% protein, 35% carbohydrates and 20% lipids.

Training to build muscle:

The extra heat provided by the diet should then be used during training to build your muscles. If you start eating more, but do not do regular exercise, your calories will quickly turn into fat. And you will be far from your dream body!

So become a fan of gyms and weight machines to reveal your muscles.

Note however that a frequency of 3 to 4 bodybuilding sessions is more than enough to gain muscle. Beyond that, you risk overtraining that would have a negative impact on your muscles. So rigorous and regular in your training sessions. But always in perfect connoisseur!

Recovery :

Training yourself every day will not bring you bigger muscles. You must first understand the impact of bodybuilding on your muscles in order to follow a reasoned training, giving way to moments of recovery.

During your bodybuilding sessions, the muscles will be destroyed. They will then rebuild themselves by increasing their volume, during moments of recovery. It is therefore essential to leave about 48 hours between two bodybuilding sessions to ensure optimal recovery.

Sports supplements, essential contributions:

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  • Gasparino

    Genetics is also there for a lot of things. I am one of those who has a small margin of progression, since I started the bodybuilding I won only a few pounds.
    Of a very well beaten nature, I have hardly evolved (exept on part of body monc, my forearm is more affirmed). I take care 4 times a week, with a discipline of iron diet, rest etc.
    Taking anabolic product should be for me a bridge between my old self and my ideal body, but nothing. Some peptides help me better recover, but that dale at the level of mass.

    June 6 2018 to 3: 57
  • bonal lucas

    Hello I wanted to respond to the form for a "free personalized cure" only at the end when I want to validate by clicking on the "I'm not a robot" it gives me no code recaptcha so that I can not validate the form, would you be able to send it to me by e-mail or in another way or could I answer it? thank you in advance

    15 May 2018 to 5: 24
    • Benjamin

      We will contact you by email to ask you all the necessary information and then we will make you a personalized cure.
      We tell you very quickly

      17 May 2018 to 7: 09

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