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Achieve real dry weight gain like a pro

Do you dream of concrete abs? Powerful arms? Firm and plump buttocks? A cut back and tapered legs?

Do not dream anymore! With, achieve a real dry mass, in a professional way. So ready? Follow the guide…

Do not confuse dry mass plug with mass plug:

In order to develop your muscular and sharp silhouette, you have to start by making the difference between dry weight gain and weight gain.

If the two terms are close enough, the practice and especially the results differ.

Indeed, the mass gain will consist in quickly taking mass, so weight. During this period, it is recommended to eat more and more frequently. You will therefore gain volume. But this volume will correspond to both a muscle mass gain and fat gain. At the end of an increase in mass, I am then a period of dry in order to eliminate excess fat and make the muscles visible.

Dry weight gain will consist of taking only muscle, not fat. This phase may seem delicate and moreover it was long reserved for professionals. But today, unveils the secrets of a successful dry mass gain.

Training yes, but accompanied by an ultra-targeted diet:

Of course, training is one of the pillars of your muscle development. But the difference between volume and muscle gain alone is going to be at the level of the diet.

If it is strongly advised to take healthy, seasonal foods for any purpose, dry weight gain will require a careful distribution of nutrients.

Indeed, if it is recommended during a mass gain to eat a lot more and every three hours, a dry weight gain will require an extra intake of 200 calories per day.

But beware, the success of your dry weight gain will reside in the distribution of protein, lipids and carbohydrates during the cure.

Your goal will be to provide fuel for the construction of your muscles, while minimizing the development of fat.

It could not be easier. Know that :

  • 1 protein gram will bring you 4 calories
  • 1 gram of lipid will bring you 9 calories
  • 1 gram of carbohydrate, will bring you 4 calories

From this information, you will be able to modulate your diet to build your muscle mass.

To know how to distribute the nutrients in your diet, you must start by calculating your daily calorific requirements. For this, here is the formula of Harris and Benedict:

For a man: (137 516 x Weight [kg]) + (500.33x Size [m]) - (6.7550 x Age) + 66 473

For a woman: (95 634 X Weight [kg]) + (184,96 x Size [m]) - (4.6756 x Age) + 6 550 955

Then multiply your result by:

  • 1,37 if you are sedentary or you train only 1 2 times a week
  • 1,55 if you are sporty or you train between 3 4 times a week
  • 1.80 if you are a great athlete or you train more than 5 times a week

You get the number of calories you need each day to maintain your weight.

Thus, if you have found 2500 calories a day, you must add 200 calories to build your muscles. You will have to take 2700 calories every day.

With this information, dispense nutrients for your daily diet.

For dry weight gain, we recommend taking:

  • 2 grams of protein per kilogram. If you are weighing 80 kilos, you will need 80 x 2 = 160 grams of protein per day
  • 1 gram of lipid per kilogram. So 80 x1 = 80 grams of lipid

In terms of proteins, you will have a contribution of 160 x 4 = 640 calories per day.

At the level of lipids, you will have a contribution of 80 x 9 = 720 calories per day.

You can now calculate the amount of carbohydrates to be taken per day, to limit your body fat.

To do this, calculate the number of calories remaining to take:

  • 2700 - (640 + 720) = 1340 daily carbohydrate calories
  • 1340 / 4 = 340 grams of carbohydrate

Here is your breakdown for a weight of 80 kilos and 2700 calories per day:

  • 160 grams of protein
  • 80 grams of lipids
  • 340 grams of carbohydrates

All you have to do is follow this path to find your distribution according to your weight, your height, your age and your degree of training.

Finally, in if you want to be more sharp, you can play on carbohydrate intake by decreasing slightly.

Remember to drink enough to properly eliminate toxins.

Little more than

Accompanying you in the success of your objectives, has concocted complete packs "dry mass". They will allow you to get a real boost in reaching your dream body and thus differentiate yourself from your colleagues at the gym.

These packs consist of either steroids or peptides, according to your preferences and your age. Indeed, from 50 years, peptide packs are recommended to preserve your HPTA axis.

Side peptides, discover among others:

  • Le Body Lean pack Lifetech Labs, corresponding to an association of HGH FRAGMENT176-191 and CJC-1295. Body Lean is a blend of peptides, special for dry weight gain. Body Lean is the best peptide synergy possible for a dry and drawn mass gain.
  • The dry mass and anti-aging pack consists ofIpamorelin and Sermorelin de Lifetech Labs. This pack of peptides is ideal for gaining dry mass and also an effect of Anti-Aging surprising.

Regarding our dry mass packs steroids, you will find :

  • The pack Dianabol + Clenbuterol for an oral cure. This complete pack with protections is ideal for a lean mass gain and obtaining quality muscle definition . Clenbuterol is used for muscle quality and definition and Dianabol for proper muscle building.
  • The pack Primobolan + Sustanon for an injectable cure. Primobolan will bring you quality and definition and Sustanon a good muscle building.

And do not hesitate to discover our other cures of dry weight gain on the lien.

Thanks to your targeted diet and the cure of your choice of sports supplements, you are now ready to start a dry mass gain worthy of real professionals. And we are always available to answer any of your questions via our form.

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  1. Georges Sevier July 25 2018 at 10: 05

    You do things well in the details. It is by reading this post that I found my first pack for dry weight gain: diana + clen. This blog also made me know the calories and supplements to take per day.

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