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1 Multiwarehouse offer

Really good your products, but I received the package in two parts: one from Asia and one from Europe! I would have liked to know it before!

Benjamin (shipping service) answered the 14.07.18:

From now on, the site makes sure to tell you from which warehouse you will receive your products.

2 Clenbuterol Pharma-Grade

I buy clenbuterol Alpha-Pharma on your site at a high price and regularly, frankly a product of cheap pharmaceutical grade would be welcome!

Fizz (product manager) answered the 20.09.18:

We have put in stock clenbuterol brand Cooper-Pharma only 13 euros, pharmaceutical grade, which will give you complete satisfaction.

3 Improved shipments

First order and first drama: one of the vial is broken!

Benjamin (shipping service) answered the 14.07.17:

We have now put bubble paper (diameter of 10 mm) to protect some orders.

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