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The world is changing, it has never been easier to pay for your purchases on the Internet since the arrival of new revolutionary payment methods: Bitcoin, Ria, Zelle, Online Credit Card, Paybis ... have come to complete our payment methods traditional ones like MoneyGram or Western-Union.

Place your order on the site, then choose a payment method and pay for your order easily. You can change your payment method at any time with 1 click, no need to re-order to change your payment method. The payment link for your order is valid 1 month after your order, access it at any time from: my account> my orders > “Pay” button.

Instant payments

Strengthening security

Ease of use

Even more anonymity

With, everything is done to facilitate payments while guaranteeing your anonymity. This way you can control your cycle with confidence. Everything is designed so that you find the means of payment that suits you best. The table below if you will inform at a glance of all the means of payment made available to you:

Bitcoin / AltcoinsRIAZelle (US Only)Bank transfer PaybisMoneyGramWesternUnion
See our tutorial / Confirm a payment
Transaction fees04 € -30 € ($ 5- $ 35)0Relating to your bank10%≥ 2%

(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)

≥ 2%

(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)

Our service charges-15%000

(we offer you the 10% fee of Paybis)

Minimum orderNo minimum.50€ ($ 50)No minimum.No minimum.70€ ($ 70)50€ ($ 50)100€ ($ 100)
Maximum amountNo maximum.~ 2,500 € (~ $ 2,500)~ 2,500 € (~ $ 2,500)No maximum.No maximum.~ 2,500 € (~ $ 2,500)~ 2,500 € (~ $ 2,500)
Validation of paymentlet proof24-48h24-48h2 6-days24-48h24-48h24-48h
Credit Card Compatible Service

Only in the United States

Compatible Bank Transfer Service

Only in the United States

Agency payment
Contact usWorldWorldUSAWorld
(excluding USA)
Mobile appRelating to your bank
Visit the website / find an agencyRelating to your bank


Bitcoin payment

  • Payment by Bitcoin or Altcoins via
  • Fast and anonymous cryptos payment
  • Immediate discount of -15% on your order

bank transfer

Bank Card on

  • Pay by on the Internet with your Visa or MasterCard
  • then sends us the equivalent payment in bitcoins
  • Fast transaction and 100% anonymous
  • Minimum order of 60 € (or 60 $)
  • We offer you the 10 transfer fee

Bank transfer

  • Bank transfer to our bank account in Turkey.
  • Transfer possible from the Internet or at your bank branch.
  • No minimum or maximum order.
  • We receive your payment in 2 at 6 days.
  • 0 transfer fee. But interbank transfer fees are at your expense.

Moneygram payment

Payment MoneyGram

  • Payment via MoneyGram, or MoneyGram's website with your credit card
  • Payments on the Internet have a maximum of 300 € (or 300 $), depending on the country. But agency transfers are not limited.
  • No additional fees (but transaction fees will be at your expense)

Western Union payment

Western-Union payment

  • Payment in Western-Union, or on the Western-Union website with your credit card.
  • No additional fees (but transaction fees are your responsibility)

Western-Union payment via Cryptex24

  • Payment in Western-Union, or on the Western-Union website with your credit card.
  • the site Cryptex24 then send us your payment in Bitcoin.
  • Additional fees of 6% (Western-Union's transaction fees will also be your responsibility)

Payment Ria

  • Payment at the RIA branch, or by phone (if you already have an account), or on the Internet (only for the USA).
  • No additional fees (but transaction fees will be at your expense)

Confirm my payment

Once your payment has been sent, you must provide us with payment information through the payment form above. This is essential to validate your order. Once payment information has been received, we validate your order within 48 hours.

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Bitcoin, Paybis, ZeBitcoin, Indacoin ...WesternUnionMoneyGramRIAZelleBank transfer

First name of the beneficiary (if Western-Union / Moneygram / RIA / Zelle):
Surname of beneficiary (if Western-Union / Moneygram / RIA / Zelle):
Western-Union MTCN Code or Reference Number (if Moneygram / RIA / Zelle):
Issuing bank (if Bank transfer):
Reference number (if Bank transfer):
Please attach a photo of the proof of payment (except for Bitcoin payments):

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