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Follistatin Peptide - Magnus - Vial of 1ml

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The 344 called follistatin F344 synonymous with TSP is a gonadal protein chains to unique.La 344 follistatin is a naturally occurring peptide and a potent inhibitor of myostatin. Excellent peptide for mass gain.

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Follistatin is a unique single chain gonadal protein which specifically inhibits the release of follicle-stimulating hormone. The gene codes for single FST two isoforms, FST317 and FST344 containing 317 and 344 amino acids respectively, resulting from alternative splicing of the precursor mRNA.

Follistatin 344 is a naturally occurring peptide and a potent inhibitor of myostatin.
Myostatin promotes the degradation of myotubes (skeletal muscle fibers), so inhibition of myostatin will result in increased muscular mass.
Myostatin is a muscle protein that keeps muscle growth in check. Myostatin is active almost only in the muscles and nowhere else, Scientists hope that myostatin inhibitors will be the long hoped for future anabolics with no side effects. Time will tell if their hopes are justified.

Follistatin 344 has been studied for its role in regulating muscle growth and as a myostatin antagonist (also known as GDF-8, a member of the superfamily of TGF).
This product provides significantly increased muscle mass.

A search on 2009 has demonstrated that treatment Follistatin 344 increases muscle growth, can increase life expectancy in case of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

Use this product for 10 days.

You can take another shot of Follistatin 344, but between the 2 taken, we advise you to take a break of ten days.Flasks of 1mg.

Dosage: 100mcg per day

Product Performance

Excellent performance
Muscle tone:
Excellent performance
Muscular congestion:
Excellent performance
Weight gain:
Excellent performance
Loss of fat / water:
No performance
Side effects:
Average performance
Gain Conservation:
Good performance

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1 review for Follistatin Peptide - Magnus - Vial of 1ml

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    5 on 5

    I love this peptide. Muscle quality appointments and no fat accumulated during the cure. Plus, I felt really good about myself.

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    5 on 5

    Amo las ganancias masivas con este producto. Y el precio es perfecto para mi presupuesto.

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