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Peptides Lifetech-Labs

The Peptides Lifetech Labs consist of two product lines:

  • biopeptide = a simple peptide cure, to meet a targeted goal. In this range of peptides, you will find a wide choice of products, allowing you either to improve your performance, or to follow an anti-aging cure or facilitating the recovery of the body: Aicar, CJC-1295-DAC, FRAGMENT 176-191, GHRP-2, GHRP-6, IGF-1 LR3, Ipamorelin, Melanotan 2, MOD-GRF (1-29), PEG-MGF, Sermorelin, TB-500…

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  • Biosynergy = A mix of peptides that combines the best effects pour encore plus d’efficacité : Anti-Aging, Body-Lean (prise de muscles secs), Body-Mass (prise de masse), Recovery3 (récupération et régénération cellulaire), Sex-Boost (vie sexuelle), Slim-Fit (perte de poids), Sun Beauty (autobronzant).

The customer can authenticate his purchase on the brand's website, thanks to this link. This pledge of good faith makes Lifetechs Labs one of the most renowned laboratories in Asia. We work closely with this brand, which has chosen to trust us for many years. Thus, your orders will be followed by our professional team to guarantee you their good reception. Let yourself be surprised by quality products.