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I have ordered from Canada with no hitch...

Seriously I ordered from Canada the 23 December 2016 and I received my order today the 10 April 2017 !!! I was certain that I had been scammed !!! I would like to congratulate Benjamin and the support team because I have sometimes been rather rude and he never disrespected me! I am extremely sorry. It is certain that my next purchase will be with you !!!! Thank you

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  1. Brandie K. January 24 2018 at 2: 54

    I would like to say that I have always had a great deal of experience.

  2. FloW Swiss May 9 2017 at 11: 40

    Super service, the products arrived 1 week after validation of the payment. Packaging at the top of the discreet (LUSH bath balls), bill on the package indicated soap. There is nothing but fire.
    Inside, seals in plastic bags ... Despite the OK validation of the label on the site of LA Pharma: some doubts, but I test soon.
    Anyway thank you in advance if it works.

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