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Steroids in the medical community: beneficial effects for all

Understanding the true potential of steroids is often misunderstood by many people. It is even wrong to think that people taking steroids are only drug addicts. And it is even more false to think that steroids are only meant for "To bodybuilders. Know that Steroids are powerful and effective drugs. In the form of tablets, syrups, solutions, inhalers and nasal sprays, creams, lotions and gels and the like, steroids are frequently used in the medical field. The most common steroids are corticosteroids. They are used to treat diseases such as arthritis, asthma, autoimmune diseases, skin diseases and certain types of cancers. In the group of steroids are also anabolic steroids as Testosterone, Nandrolone, Primobolan, Anavar, Nolvadex, The Proviron, Clomid et the Hcg. Despite the fact that they are rarely used in medicine, they are none the less effective and all act differently.


Testosterone is The natural sex hormone Secreted in the male testicles. It is also present in the woman's ovaries, but in small quantities. The cure of Testosterone Can be considered for men whose testosterone levels in their bodies are low. Testosterone treatment brings more energy, increases libido, and improves mood.


Nandrolone is a steroid whose physical structure and effects are similar to testosterone. After its absorption into the blood, it circulates rapidly to reach the muscles and other tissues of the body. It is indicated for treating Anemia in renal failure, osteoporosis, Breast carcinoma, hereditary angioedema, The antithrombin III deficiency, excess fibrinogen, Turner syndrome and possibly breast cancer. It also increases hemoglobin and erythrocyte mass.


Or Methenolone acetate Is a DHT derivative (Dihydrotestosterone). Thereby, It does not aromatize into estrogens, Irrespective of the dose used. It is used to treat people with Symptom of muscle mass loss et weight loss. It is also effective in the immunostimulation of individuals fighting infections, or to counter the effects of prolonged corticosteroid therapy, in the treatment of osteoporosis and sarcopenia.


Anavar Or Oxandrolone is also a synthetic anabolic steroid Derived from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Anavar is medically prescribed for people suffering from burns Acute Skin Rejuvenation by Muscle Tissue Regeneration. It is common to treat alcoholic hepatitis, anemia, loss of muscle mass. The Anavar also prevents weight loss related to certain Diseases like the cancer ou HIV. It is also beneficial to cure people suffering from high cholesterol disorders.


Although commonly known as antiestrogen, Nolvadex Or Tamoxifen is primarily a selective estrogen receptor modulator. This is because these roles as estrogens or antiestrogens depend on their place of action. Tamoxifen fights certain types of breast cancer, including early, advanced breast cancer or spread to other parts of the body (metastatic cancer). It also lowers the percentage of cancer contraction for a high-risk woman because of this family history of breast cancer.


Proviron Or Mesterolone is a dihydro derivative of testosterone. It is useful for treating hypergonade in men where the testes do not produce enough testosterone, male infertility, Increased libido and improved sexual performance. Proviron has several other uses in medicine, including the treatment of psychiatric illnesses such as depression, but also bipolar disorder and anhedonia.


Clomid or Clomiphene is a medicine that is part of the stimulants of ovulation. It works similarly to estrogen. Thus, Clomid is used for women who have trouble getting pregnant caused by ovarian disorders. Its mode of action is to stimulate fertility and thus cause ovulation. Clomiphene is also sometimes used to treat male infertility, Menstrual abnormalities, Fibrocystic breasts, And the production of persistent breast milk.


TheHCG Or human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) is the hormone responsible for the normal development of an egg in the woman's ovary. In addition, it stimulates the release of the latter during ovulation. HCG is used to cause ovulation and treat infertility in women. It improves fertility by increasing sperm production in men. They also address sexual hormone problems in young men in cases where the testicles have not descended into the scrotum and initiate undeveloped sexual characteristics in young women.

It is true that anabolic steroids play a big role in improving performance in bodybuilding and weightlifting. However, they can not be limited to these areas. Their place in the medical environment is not to be neglected since they allow to bring an adequate treatment to certain pathologies or symptoms. Each of us can, in the course of his or her life, To steroids, At the medical level. It is therefore more than important to change this negative view of steroids in some people in order to enjoy the best that these products have to offer.

Concerning the side effects, there is no guarantee that they will necessarily appear when taking these steroids. The precautions to be taken for the users or for those who wish to go there are always to consult his doctor or his coach before starting a treatment, dE respect the doses prescribed and especially not to abuse. Very often,The problems encountered arise from the abuse that people make of the use of steroids.

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  1. Pierre Silas 14 September 2017 8 at: 35

    Many HIV-positive people owe their salvation to steroids. Thanks to the steoroids they have the appearance of normal people and they feel better.

  2. Jenny-iron 29 2017 August at 6: 46

    These products are all very good, but just do not exceed certain dose. Use These products are all very good, but just do not overdo it. Use sparingly.

    1. Jamy 1 September 2017 8 at: 55

      Secrets is not to abuse. Do not think that steroids will do the job for you.

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