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Steroids: from our warehouses to your door!

At Top Steroids Online, security of delivery is one of our major concernss.

When you order, you want to receive your products quickly and especially not to see them entered by the customs. As an online store, we assure you a free delivery of any risk, especially when the commercial article is prohibited or whose purchase remains restricted in certain countries.

So we offer you anabolic steroids of the highest quality, peptides, growth hormone, MRSA, Pro-Hormones, as well as any novelty developing the performance. In addition, we offer you a reliable and secure shipping mechanism. With Top Steroids Online, the delivery of your products remains discreet and therefore on the sidelines. To be honest, this is precisely what sets us apart from our competitors.

So, how does our shipping system work? In this article, we'll unveil all the steps your articles take before they're delivered to you. We will also discuss new shipping concepts emerging in our field of activity such as Cash in Mail, sending Steroids by mail, and the increased choice to order steroids internationally.

Step 1: Place the order

Before you even begin the shipping process, you must first place your order. Whether you want anabolic steroids, nutritional supplements, or just a post-cycle product, you must tell us the country of destination of your order. To do this, you must first create an account with us or use an existing one. Please note that any personal information you decide to share with us during the registration process remains confidential. This is to strengthen your anonymity and minimize problems with customs.

Step 2: Choose the place of delivery:

Top Steroids Online has multiple warehouses, in various parts of the world. Their presence in many countries makes it possible to speed up delivery times for customers residing abroad. During the ordering process, we encourage you to tell us which delivery location is best for you.

Usually, your order will arrive between 5 and 9 days, whatever your region. Orders to Europe and Asia are even delivered in less than 7 days. These relatively short timescales are explained by the fact that we work with manufacturers based directly on both continents, thus allowing delivery from their warehouses.

Step 3: Transfer your rules

After selecting your products, you can now proceed with their purchase. For complete anonymity, we encourage you to use crypto-monnaies such as Bitcoin used on our site. And no need to be an expert on the functioning of virtual currencies to use the BTC method. A page of payment provided for this purpose guides you on the procedure to follow. You can otherwise pay your steroid orders with a credit card. Using this method, your payment will be relayed via a secure payment gateway called PayBis. And as the method Bitcoin, PayBis is also 100% anonymous and incredibly fast. We also offer other equally reliable methods to pay for your orders such as MoneyGram and Western Union. MoneyGram and Western Union are very convenient especially for European based users where we have a single beneficiary for each order. Note that Western Union and MoneyGram also allow the use of credit cards on their respective sites, making your payment easier.

Of all the payment methods indicated above, the use of credit cards and BTCs remain the fastest. So, your payment reaches us almost instantly, reducing the preparation time of your order. Nevertheless, all our payment methods are secure and easy to use.

Step 4: Shipping your order

With eight years of experience in the field, we have successfully identified and worked with the best international carriers in the world many times. Among our preferences, let us quote EMS which is an internationally recognized shipping company with a high success rate in terms of deliveries. Their professionalism has allowed us to ship about 90% of our products, in various parts of the world. We also rely on other renowned private couriers such as DHL, Chronopost, Aramex and TNT.

In addition to providing you with reliable transportation services, all these companies allow you to follow the progress of your package. The carrier sends us a tracking number that we forward to you. Then you go to the carrier's website to check the progress of your products. If an anomaly occurs when sending your steroid orders, you and the carrier would be the first to know.

Top Steroids Online works with several carriers to choose the most effective in each region. Collaborating with only one of them would, of course, lead to delays in delivery, unreliability in some regions and, alas, deprive our customers of the freedom to choose their place of delivery.

Please note that if you place multiple orders, each will be processed individually. For example, suppose you place two orders; one contains Myogen anabolic steroids (based in Asia) and the other injection accessories (from the United States). As you can imagine, both will arrive in separate packages. As a result, the delivery day and the packaging vary since the manufacturers reside in two different locations. In spite of this, your parcels will arrive at your home within the fixed deadlines.

Transport Information:

Transport with insurance

For five years, we offer a delivery guarantee. Although the rate is slightly higher than that of a normal delivery, this insurance protects your products in case of breakage, loss or seizure by the customs authorities. For this purpose, any product victim of one of these damages will be compensated upon receipt of your official complaint. However, insurance coverage provides only one re-shipment opportunity. For the following parcels, you will have to refund the shipping costs.
Warning: Our carriers do not deliver steroids in Thailand and Brazil. These countries are very strict with the importation of steroids. But in any case, if you are a customer of these areas, we can always find an arrangement to send you your steroids.

Why are the goods seized?

As you may know, steroid use is not allowed everywhere. Over the years, various countries have developed policies to limit the supply or use of these products. This limitation mainly results in a strict inspection of all imports. But as you can guess, the number of goods that must be inspected per day in ports is really important. Therefore, in order to reduce the delay caused by customs, import management systems have been designed. These systems are automated and use specific labels, titles, or serial numbers on the goods to determine the item within a particular package. That is, machines can quickly detect packages with prohibited objects. So, what is Top Steroids Online doing with this monitoring?

How do we handle the confiscation of orders by customs?

First of all, Top Steroids has many years of experience in terms of shipping. As we mentioned before, we have established partnerships with the best couriers who have already proven themselves, thus guaranteeing us more than 95% of success in our deliveries. In addition, these carriers are also incredibly experienced in managing critical cases, particularly in the international shipment of steroids, including the customs declaration. Their knowledge plays a decisive role in the success of our deliveries.

We advise our customers to use clear and precise pickup locations. We therefore ask you to provide us with sufficiently precise contact information to improve communication between you and the carriers. Clear data makes it easy to track and deliver products. They also help to minimize risks such as the theft of goods and the blocking of parcels by customs.
Our additional, but optional, measure is the purchase of insurance to compensate the customer for damages. For this reason, we have partnered with some of the best transportation agencies that not only offers affordable insurance packages, but is also incredibly quick to compensate for foreclosures. However, it is important to mention that this step only applies to clients who have chosen and paid for the insurance and that we only offer a maximum of one return in case of loss / confiscation of property.

What to do if you have not received your steroids order?

As mentioned above, shipping times vary between 5 and 9 days. Nevertheless, it may happen that your package is lost, either confiscated or even returned to the sender. These situations remain rare. However, if they happened, here are our first steps to resolve these incidents:

  • Go to your order tracking portal on our website or on your e-mail. Confirm the stage at which your goods are at that moment. If the article indicates that it is still in transit, it is advisable to wait a day or two before taking any further action.
  • Confirm with us that we have received your payment. We always ask our customers to send proof of payment (confirmation form) before we can start shipping their steroids. Not doing it in the 7 days prevents us from booking the item for you when it comes to a high demand product.
  • In case you request a particular item, please confirm with us its availability, before placing the order. In addition, make sure that all necessary fees are respected and duly paid.
  • If all else fails, contact our customer service immediately for additional assistance. Be sure to include the tracking number on your request form to help us determine the location of the item.

Additional Discrete Delivery Strategies:

Sending Steroids by mail

As caring suppliers, we use a smart enough tactic to get around suspicion of agents. This strategy is known as Steroids by mail. The concept is essentially to deliver your order directly to a designated mailbox, in most cases a public mailbox. In this way, it becomes very difficult to take a close look at your goods, because employees working in these offices often have as many shipments to process each day.

Where to buy steroids illegally?

Although there are various sources of steroid sales, online stores remain the most suitable for these illegal purchases. The main benefit of buying steroids online is confidentiality, reliability and the ability to analyze the experiences of others before undertaking an order. Over the years, we have honed our skills in online trading of illegal steroids. We have built a reputation through the trust our customers have shown us after years of successful transactions with them. By placing an order with us, you are assured that your item will arrive not only safely, but will rarely be seized. In addition, we have a wide variety of performance amplifiers. And the must? We deliver these steroids safely, whether they are considered illegal or not in your country of residence. We work closely with trusted manufacturers around the world, which means that we can ship genuine steroids, regardless of your geographic location.
Finally, beware of steroid vendors who tout and sell products such as XENOANDROGENS in the name of authentic steroids. We would like to point out that "legal steroids" do not exist since almost all countries in the world have already banned most of the compounds found in popular steroids today. So, anyone claiming to sell such products uses only marketing arguments to trigger sales, but bodybuilders using this kind of supplements will never get the same effects as with genuine steroids.

Why ship steroids abroad?

First, the manufacture, distribution or use of steroids is banned in most countries of the world today. In countries that allow them to be used, the prices of products sold locally or in gyms tend to be incredibly expensive, not to mention the number of counterfeits sold to desperate buyers. However, you will not go down this path especially now that you know that you can get quality products at a better price (sometimes half or less than your local source). Remember, we can ship the goods to you anywhere in the world in the 5-9 days.
Secondly, international traders such as Top Steroids Online have a greater reach for authentic manufacturers. For example, we provide an anti-counterfeit guarantee to ensure that we buy a quality and original product.
Thirdly, most of the companies that have experience in shipping steroids internationally have forged a close partnership with various international shipping agencies with which they have worked over the years. For example, in our case, we maintain a very cordial relationship with the various transportation services mentioned above, a factor that has played a key role in enabling us to safely deliver more than 95% of our products to users worldwide.
Fourth, as a user, you can choose to guarantee your goods against loss, breakage, or seizures by taking our insurance provided for this purpose. This warranty helps to alleviate any fears you may have about not receiving your goods.
Finally, international sellers are safer, reliable and easier to use. Most have forums where customers interact freely and exchange information about the common challenges or risks they face. In simple terms, there is information on virtually everything you need to know about the acquisition and use of steroids.

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    I knew from the beginning that steroids are not regulated products in my country. But as I needed it, I still decided to buy some. My final choice for my order was Top-steroids-online and my products were all well received. A site that keeps its word.

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