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TOP 10 Growth Hormones

SomatotropinSome of us want to push our limits in bodybuilding, and it is natural that the pharmaceutical industry has worked on synthetic solutions to Growth Hormone (GH) deficiency to meet this demand.

The effects of synthetic HGH are real. We can experience muscle growth from 20 to 30% and reduce 15% of fat, despite controversy about it. Somatotropin, its scientific name, is now produced by many laboratories primarily in the United States and Asia where there has been a boom over the past 20 years. Despite this, access to these products has become very limited, forcing users to consume exclusively Western products, while foreign competition, especially China, was discredited when it was ramping up with HGH of exceptional quality but at much lower prices. At first in the US, and then where the influence of big pharmaceutical companies was strong, HGH has been classified in the same category as "steroids" making importation from Asia illegal.

To "protect" us from "false HGH," or rather, to establish a monopoly of their Western products, who can we trust nowadays to get "real" Somatotropin that is high quality? Here are 10 excellent HGH brands that one can find on the market, manufactured by laboratories of international scope.



1. Biotropin LifeTech Labs

The honor of starting the list goes to the newest HGH, produced in Hong-Kong since 2010. LifeTech Labs are innovative suppliers, offering 3 different packages adapted to the different needs of users. For more convenience and to prevent the possible degradation of the product, this HGH of 191 amino acids de high purity is provided lyophilized in an anticipated pack for 1 months. Indeed, this way you have a bottle that passes only from 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator, according to their concept "1 vial = 3 days".

We have the very effective Biotropin Wellness whose dosage is provided for users that desire well-being et and an anti-aging effect for a more youthful appearance of their body.

Very simply, you will get 10 bottles of 6 IU for 30 days in the pack, or 2 Injection Units per day, which in itself is not much and therefore is very safe to use. There is a short description below to view the differences between the packages offered by LifeTech Labs.



Weight gain

Fat/water loss

Vitality / Wellness


Side effects □ □ □

Conservation of gains


Similarly, we have the pack Biotropin Fitness which gives us 3.33 IU per day in an injection, to meet a target of muscle gain and physical performance in addition to its anti-aging effect. Depending upon numerous factors such as training, diet, sleep, age and previous use of steroids or growth hormones, this gain may vary from 15 % to 20%.



Weight gain

Fat/water loss

Vitality / Wellness


Side effects □ □ □

Conservation of gains


The last pack of HGH is Biotropin Performance for those who wish a muscle mass gain with rapid results, while enjoying the anti-aging effect once again. Here it will be up to 25% of muscle mass with more awaiting you at the end of 4 to 5 months of treatment under optimal conditions.

This time, it is 4UI per day which are provided in a single injection before breakfast or two injections, 2UI before breakfast and 2UI in the afternoon.hgh-performance



Weight gain

Fat/water loss

Vitality / Wellness


Side effects □ □ □

Conservation of gains


La The ease of use fits perfectly with this very comfortable system.










2. Genotropin

The oldest brand of HGH is none other than Genotropin, produced by Pfizer, Inc. in the USA, made available from 1996. Made of 191 amino acids, which has celebrated 20 years on the market, with a high purity at the expense of a relatively high price. Prices range from $18 to $25 UI.genotropin-pfizer-1-vial-1x16iu









3. Norditropin

This HGH from a Danish brand is produced by Novo Nordisk Inc. the USA and available since 1997. It is composed of 191 amino acids and has a high purity, all at a fairly high cost from $13 to $20 UIThe relatively high prices discouraged the followers of HGH a little, at the expense of cheaper brands, but since the importation of HGH produced outside of the West is prohibited, Norditropin has become one of the leading brands on the market. Norditropin is available in several different doses like 5mg, 10mg or 15mg 1.5ml of Somatropin for injectable solution under names like Norditropin Flexpro, NordiFlex or even SimpleXx.


Availability □ □



Price □ □

Profitability □ □



4. Humatrope

Humatrope is a synthetic growth hormone produced by Eli Lilly and Company since 1998 in the USA. With a high purity, it also has a chain of 191 amino acids. Its price ranges from $20 to $23 per injection unit. The containers are 6mg, 12mg and 24mg.HUMATROPE-hgh




Price □ □

Profitability □ □



5. Saizen

Made by EMD Serono in the United States, this GH has been on the market since 1997. It provides a high purity has a composition of 191 amino acids. In the same prices as Norditropin, we find Saizen between $12 and $22 UI. Growth hormone Saizen can be obtained in a conditioning of Somatropin 8mg or 20mg.






Price □ □

Profitability □ □



6. Hypertropin

HGH brand Hypertropin is manufactured since 2007 by Neogenica Bioscience Ltd. in China. This hormone of high purity consists of 191 amino acids. Its price varies from $2 to $4.5 UI. Hypertropin is the successor of JintropinThe names of domains, as well as and have possibly been forced to close under the pressure of western pharmaceutical companies, leaving the aforementioned HGH brands of low quality in order to continue to discredit Asian brands. It is packaged in vials of 12UI in which it is lyophilized.









7. Ansomone

The growth hormone is manufactured by Anke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in China since 2005. Previously composed of 192 amino acidsIt is composed by a chain of 191 amino acids currently. With an average purity level, its price varies from $3 to $5 per injection unit (IU). Already present on the black market, and between 2005 and 2007, Ansomone also suffered repression in 2007, which amplified the counterfeit market. Even today, most of the hormone available under this name will be counterfeit. It is packaged in vials of 10 IU.

Ansomone HGH (Human Growth Hormone) 100 UI Kit



Availability □ □







8. Serostim

The latest addition to our list, Serostim growth hormone is manufactured by EMD Serono, Inc in the United States since 2002. It has a high purity and is composed of 191 amino acids for prices ranging from $15 to $25 for a UI. Annoyed by the American justice, the pharmaceutical company was accused of putting its sales before the interests of patients, bribing doctors to prescribe their drug. Serostim was the first growth hormone synthesis, in 1992, to benefit from the approval of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, in order to fight against the weight loss associated to the HIV infection, which is often fatal.


Availability   Serostim



Price □ □

Profitability □ □



9. Jintropin

Available since 1997 in the growth hormones market, Jintropin was then the 1ages brand of Somatropin produced in China. It's made by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.. Made of 191 amino acidsIt has a high purity for a relatively low price, from $2 to $4.5 UI. Until 2007, Jintropin became increasingly popular, and the most used HGH for non-medical uses. It was the favorite brand of bodybuilders because of its low cost, its exceptional and availabilty. For a long time, GenSci was one of the few laboratories to manufacture HGH highest quality. Jintropin then represented 80% of sales in the Chinese market. When the actor Sylvester Stallone was caught with Jintropinthe media lingered on the famous brand, bringing a lot of trouble to the manufacturer. Later, it faced a dark period, being withdrawn from sale by the Chinese government and then permanently prohibited for export, including the United States. It has not actually damaged its reputation although it has ceded a large part of its market share to the benefit of different brands that were released ever since.

Pack HGH Jintropin - GenSci - 3 boxes









10. Hygetropin

Produced in China and available for 2008 by Hygene Biopharm Co., Ltd.This HGH 191 amino acids has a medium level of purity. Affordable, its price varies between $1.8 and $5. Hygetropin has enjoyed a good market position in the growth hormone industry when Jintropin was temporarily withdrawn from the market by the Chinese government. The Olympic Games of 2008 and scandals associated with the use of HGH by athletes also caused a brief suspension of its production, during which many false Hygetropin circulated worldwide. We find Hygetropin in two different packages, 10 Vials of 10 IU or 25 Vials of 8 IU.Hygetropin HGH kit of 100 IU = 10 vial of 10 IU




Purity □ □





So, we have noticed that the market for HGH has become increasingly competitive over the past 20 years.

Apart from the purity level which may be higher or lower resulting from the manufacturing process, HGH is a large relatively fragile molecule of 191 amino acids linked to a specific sequence and there is no room for the variations. Thus, it’s a chance that it may be the true synthesis of growth hormone but possibly is not.

One can find HGH of very low purity because the most complicated part of its manufacture is precisely to filter residues of E. Coli genetically modified to secrete HGH, and that infrastructure costs millions of dollars. You can also find HGH of 192 amino acids, called Somatrem which is a kind of copy with potential adverse effects.

The best HGH would therefore be high purity, 191 amino acids, lyophilized (dry powder, suitable for worldwide transport), authentic and at a realistic price.

Of course, we noticed a rather large price difference between Asian and Western HGH, and a uniformity in safety standards as strict about medical products in China and the West.

As a miracle product, the HGH is interesting in the context of an "anti-aging" treatment, a slimming course or a muscle gain.

Given the current difficulty to buy a genuine HGH synthesis with a high level of purity, the close relationship between a manufacturer and a trusted dealer is very reassuring, especially when the dealer can attest to the quality of HGH.

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  1. costa husband 21 April 2018 8 at: 33

    I am 17 years old and I am measuring 1m35 and I am really small and I wanted to grow in size these drugs will mend?

    1. Benjamin
      Benjamin 22 April 2018 9 at: 29


      This is medical and since you are still a minor, I advise you to see a doctor.

  2. Lara 13 April 2018 3 at: 58

    I have 17ans and I am measuring 1m47, I would like to know if one of its hormones would help me to gain length in order to reach at least 1m60

    1. Benjamin
      Benjamin 15 April 2018 8 at: 20

      Hello Lara,

      Growth hormones will probably make you a few inches. I advise you to fill out the form to ask for personalized cure available here Our specialists will be happy to prescribe the products that fit you best.

  3. Paul March 30 2018 at 2: 24

    what about Halotropin Gold Sandoz Omnitrope 45iu
    is that any good?

  4. Daniel JIMENEZ March 28 2018 at 10: 14

    Hola buenas noches necesito una hormona de crecimiento estoy a poco gordito estaré 10 kilos por encima de mi peso como mucho y me gustaría perder peso y coger masa muscular rápido ustedes me pueden decir cual seria mejor para mi gracias

    1. Benjamin
      Benjamin March 29 2018 at 5: 41

      Good morning,
      Brindamos asesoramiento personalizado sober curas gratuitas. The invitation to complete the form is available at:

  5. Sorar Fernando March 15 2018 at 2: 32

    Hola me interesa bioteopin perfomance precio y forma comprarlo

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      Benjamin March 12 2018 at 11: 23

      If you are interested I ask you to fill the form of request for a free cure. This form is available here:

  7. Procházka February 21 2018 at 8: 10

    Zdravím Vás, prosím o radu. Chci získat svalovou hmotu, bez tuku. Volit růstový hormon popřípadě jaký nebo nake jine doporučení? Děkuji

  8. Day February 12 2018 at 2: 50

    I am a healthy eater, I am looking for a healthy life I am a healthy eater, 53 from this site as well

  9. Rogers February 11 2018 at 3: 35

    I just want to be one of the best for anti-aging for women overall healthiest to take. I'm 51 and would like to get in shape and get better. Can you help me choose which one would be best for me

    1. Benjamin
      Benjamin February 11 2018 at 8: 24

      Biotropins are the best. No bad surprise, the quality is at the top. With a very good price.

  10. CLAUDIO MARCELO ALVES February 10 2018 at 2: 45

    Dockboards acima E.melhor tomar um bom ciclo que.nao custe muito caro quero fazer um ciclo por 4 meses tenho 46anos 1.77 84kg e ai como é.melhor pra.mim

    1. Benjamin
      Benjamin February 11 2018 at 8: 26

      Without any hesitation, I advise you to choose Biotropin from Lifetech Labs

  11. Tanci February 6 2018 at 12: 07

    Merhaba humatropeyimi yoksa genotropinimi önerirsiniz?

  12. 문준성 January 23 2018 at 2: 45

    죄송 한데요 .. HGH 주사 는 스테로이드 계열 주사 주사 아니 지요 지요?

    스테로이드 복용 만큼은 피하고 싶네요

  13. andy kadenski 3 2017 at December 11: 48

    is this hgh fake or dont dont want

  14. Jesus lorenzo November 29 2017 at 12: 11

    Donde is consige

  15. Latifa Anni 7 2017 August at 12: 44

    Necesito comprar una buena GH hormona de crecimiento Gracias

  16. Rodrigo Albuquerque Ferreira 1 2017 August at 1: 53

    Chega no Brasil

  17. vicky May 24 2017 at 5: 12

    Hai, i am from malaysia. How do i purchase from u? Is this a reliable web page? And is it safe for me to do online payment using credit card.

  18. George May 10 2017 at 10: 13

    Me gustaría saber donde conseguir el 25 Hygetropin viales, su precio y la manera de utilizarla

  19. Orihuela 18 April 2017 1 at: 44

    Buenas quisiera saber donde conseguir the hormona de crecimiento HGH Biotropin Performance, para uso propio y para ganar masa muscular.Soy of Argentina
    Thank you.

  20. Delille March 27 2017 at 10: 33

    I never had the expected results and I chch an effective products to take mass. 1,88 m for 75 kg. 45 years and doing sports frequencies. Thank you (I do not know how to use an insulin ...)

  21. michel cousin March 5 2017 at 4: 44

    I would try the hgh to see the effect on my chronic fatigue. I honestly try a variety of means including psychiatry ... soft and natural medicine ... I'm on testosterone for several years, only product that I amiliore slightly without side effect ...

  22. Amir February 12 2017 at 1: 32

    Hello the only cure hgh or must be added the other haurmane

  23. Christian January 29 2017 at 6: 00

    In the experience of all of you, on what you voaier or dressed that are the best? Thanks everybody.

  24. Sophia Clark January 6 2017 at 12: 55

    there are So Many myths and legends about _him_. there are So Many myths and legends about _him_.

  25. Garcia Rodriguez November 22 2016 at 8: 32


  26. benoit gagnon November 2 2016 at 7: 59

    You can sell HGH in canada Quebec

  27. hgh pills - online sprays October 21 2016 4 at: 27

    Can hgh pills or sprays avez la même effect as injections?

  28. Maury 17 2016 August at 4: 19

    And I will Norditropin in first or second place. Admittedly it is a bit expensive, but it injects less than a Chinese HGH HGH. Note also that if one buys wholesale Norditropin was discounts.
    I am a regular of Norditropin Aware between 2ui 4ui in the morning.
    So I can talk about its benefits and disadvantages ..

    1. vitaliy October 27 2016 6 at: 42

      cuales son las desventajas? quiero empezar obvious that there quiero algo bueno para probar tener menos desventajas, gracias

    2. Gilles November 16 2016 at 1: 46

      Hello or buy the Norditropin?

    3. David Prioux 28 2016 at December 10: 37

      Jailerais beaucouo know where you come to get you to the nordi I would be very interesting to buy ....
      Looking forward to reading your answer
      Regards david

  29. Missié 9 2016 August at 4: 02

    The Jintropin is like the Beast of Gevaudan, there are so many myths and legends about him.
    Forums and blogs are saying well, with unbeatable value for money, but we find him anywhere. The chances of hitting counterfeit products are very large, I made twice the experience. Better to fall back on more expensive products, but sisters, as Biotropin example.

  30. Alain 25 April 2016 10 at: 32

    Is there such products in the form of stamp or powder?

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