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Hi friends I say I want the board to use on site Top Steroids Online I received my order and I made the checks is not counterfeit is that Top Steroids Online Top thank you thank you to the next cure soon

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  1. jonathan March 15 2019 at 4: 19

    Order number: 71302
    Order date: 26 / 02 / 2019
    Payment method: paybis
    Order amount: 173 €
    Proof of payment: paybis ticket in photo
    Payment N °: PB1902273577TX3
    I made an order on February 26. I paid on paybis. The sum has been removed for 173 €. And I see that my order is impossible for lack of product and that payment is impossible. However, you have my money sent by paybis. How do you do it? Either I have the order for the amount paid or the refund

    1. TopSteroidsOnline.com
      TopSteroidsOnline.com March 29 2019 at 9: 25

      Hello sir,
      Thank you for your comment.
      We invite you to contact the customer service to make a personalized follow-up of your payment.
      Bien à vous

  2. Ismael30 March 7 2019 at 7: 38

    Hello here I am you and sent my payment on the email you had not answered the proof of western union will open my emails

    1. TopSteroidsOnline.com
      TopSteroidsOnline.com March 29 2019 at 9: 28

      Hello sir,
      Please contact the customer service department to have more visibility on the payment you have made.

  3. vince08330 4 2018 August at 1: 58

    I still have not received my order from 27 July 2018

    1. Benjamin
      Benjamin 5 2018 August at 7: 26


      If you made your order the 27 July, you will receive your package in a few days.

      See you soon.

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