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How to ensure your dry cycle is a success!

You have just finished your weight gain treatments. You gained significant amounts of weight, mass and strength. You are satisfied with this step. However, increasing your muscle mass also made you take on too much weight and gives you a bloated appearance, not very aesthetic!

So now comes the stage of a dry cycle, during which you will lose the excess fat to highlight the harmonious design of your muscles.

However to achieve a good dry, and get results to meet your expectations, you must lay the essentials of a dry, namely: a diet adapted to this period combined with proper training. Finally, sports supplements can be good accompanists to success.

A special dry, high protein diet

We are what we eat. This simple saying tells us a lot about the role that food plays in the balance of our organism. The diet will represent 50% of the success of your dry. If you train with too heavy a diet, all your efforts will be useless. If you eat, but unbalanced, you risk losing weight, but also your muscles so hard earned. It would be a shame after these months of effort in the gym, to see all these hopes fall.

So, before starting your dry cycle, lay a strong foundation and opt for a diet rich in protein.

The principle of the dry will be to lose the accumulated fat during the period of mass gain. As for any diet, you will have to reduce your calorie intake so that your body is in deficit and go to use your fat reserves. Bringing in your daily intake, enough proteins therefore protect your muscles against their melting.

Protein intake

Proteins are used to build muscles. They allow the muscles to heal after each weight training session. But they are also essential for building bones and strengthening our immune system.

For a person practicing bodybuilding, it is therefore recommended to take 2mg / kg of protein per day. A person weighing 80 pounds, should then consume during their dry 160g protein per day.

Our body can not ingest too much protein, so it will be better to divide the ration per day into three takes: in the morning at the survey, after training and in the evening.

In which foods to find protein?

  • Animal proteins Eggs, fish, white meat, red meat (to be consumed in small quantities), dairy products and crustaceans.
  • Vegetable proteins In soybeans, wheat germ, spirulina, lentils, walnuts, chickpeas, quinoa, squash seeds.

And lipids and carbohydrates in all this?

The principle goal of any dry cycle is maximize protein intake while decreasing intakes of carbohydrates and lipids in order to burn stored fats while maintaining muscle mass. However, the body needs these three nutrients to maintain balance and function.

Carbohydrates are going to have an important role during your cure since they will provide energy to the body. It is therefore important to promote low glycemic index carbohydrates and a high consumption of vegetables in order to prevent the insulin spikes responsible for fat storage.

Regarding lipids, saturated fatty acids such as butter, cream and cheese should be limited. Instead, get these from vegetable oils and oilseeds. 1 gram per body weight, per day is recommended.

Your diet in a few points:

  • 55% protein, 35% carbohydrate and 10% lipid
  • 5 to 6 meals / snacks per day, every three hours

Hydrate regularly and sufficiently (0.05 liter per kilogram) to facilitate the elimination of toxins.

Keep your workout!

The dry period does not symbolize a stop of the sessions of musculation. You took muscle during your weight gain? Perfect. Now you have to continue to maintain it with your usual training program. You will be just a little more tired than usual and may not be less heavy lifting. But, a workout that has been proven to continue during the dry period.

Add, the days of rest, cardio sessions, bike type, treadmill or stepper and rower. These exercises will allow you to increase your caloric expenditure.

Work your abs, three times a week to bring them a fine and precise outline.

Do not forget also to pay special attention to leg workouts, which represents a significant caloric expenditure.

Finally, make long enough series to get the body to draw on its reserves.

Sports supplements: good guides to success

The dry cycle is always a delicate moment for the athlete. He must continue training to maintain the bodies acquired muscle mass, but limiting its calorific intakes. He will then feel less strong and more tired. Some sports supplements can be used to burn fat faster without touching muscle mass.


T-3 is a thyroid hormone that is used during the dry cycle or to lose weight.

Indeed, T-3 will accelerate the breakdown of excess proteins in the body, thus limiting weight gain. An excellent fat burner, T-3 also accelerates the breakdown of glucose and cholesterol. Finally, the T-3 increases the temperature of the body. When it is taken, we sweat more, so we eliminate more toxins.

T-3 is often used in 6 weeks, 25mcg to take in the morning during breakfast and 25mcg in the evening, with a meal.


Clenbuterol is basically a bronchodilator used on racehorses. He quickly found his place in the gym, for its ability to metabolize fat tissue while protecting the muscle fibers.

Clenbuterol is therefore an excellent fat burner and can be used for weight loss or dry cycles.

Taken in cure of 4 at 6 weeks, at a rate of 650-120mcg per day for men and 50 - 90 mcg per day for women.


During your dry cycle, Winstrol will allow you to gain or keep dry muscle. It will also bring you strength, always useful in this delicate time. It must, however, be accompanied by a diet adapted to the dry, to obtain good results.


A famous anabolic steroid, Primobolan is excellent for boosting a dry. Indeed, having a strong capacity to retain nitrogen, it will allow you to gain muscle and especially to keep them during the dry period.

During the oral treatment, the recommended doses are as follows:

  • For men: 50-100mgs daily
  • For women: 10-25mgs per day

Drostanolone / Masteron

The Masteron steroid will bring a high rate of androgenic hormones to the body, Thus facilitating the construction of firm, dry muscle without water retention.

Masteron does not allow volume to be absorbed, so it is easy to find a place in the cure of a dry cycle to add strength to the muscles.

The recommended dose for a dry cure is between 200mg and 400mg per week for men and around 50mg for women.


Anavar is not known for being the most powerful of steroids, but it remains very useful during dry cycles, to ensure effective maintenance of lean mass.

A dosage of only 50mg per day will be amply sufficient for maintaining muscles.

Some Examples of Cycles for a Successful Dry

To enhance the performance of sports supplements, it is possible to combine them for better results. Here are some examples of treatments followed during the dry period:

Anavar + Winstrol

This 6 weeks cure will help you develop quality muscle mass, along with increased strength. This cure does not cause water retention and promotes the melting of adipose tissue.

During 6 weeks, take 40mg of Winstrol per day, 30mg of Anavar and 3 tablets of Samarin for the protection of the liver. A restart of 21 days will be necessary at the end of the dry by taking 1 Clomid per day.

Clenbuterol + T-3

This cycle also spreads on 6 at 10 weeks. Its action will focus on weight loss by burning fat. This cycle causes excellent muscular striation.

This cycle will bring you:

  • An amazing weight loss.
  • A transformation of fat to muscles.
  • Beautiful muscle definition.

Take 25mcg from T-3 daily for 6 weeks. For Clenbuterol, this one will be taken every two days: 40mcg during 2 days, then two days off, without taking. So on, during 8 weeks.

See our Pack for 10 weeks of complete cure.

Primobolan Winstrol +

This 8 weeks cycle is ideal for getting a perfect muscle definition. In the end, you will have hard, well defined muscles with an excellent shape overall.

On the 8 weeks:

-1 to 3 weeks: take 1ml of winstrol + 1ml of Primobolan

-4 and 5 weeks: take 2 ml of Winstrol + 2 ml of Primobolan

-6 to 8 week: take 1 ml of Winstrol + 1 ml of Primobolan

View our complete pack for 8 Cure weeks

Lifetime Labs Peptide Slim Fit

The combination of Fragment 176-191 and Modified GRF peptides (1-29) represents an excellent fat burner. In addition, your lean muscle mass will increase during the cycle. This treatment will also give you strength, energy and endurance, essential during this trying period for the body.

The recommended cycle is from 3 to 6 months. Perform 2 injections per day.

View our complete pack for 12 Cure weeks


You now have at your disposal the bases to start a dry cycle. Take your time, to ensure you lose fat and not muscle. A dry well followed, respecting a diet adapted and a regular training, will reveal you little by little a muscled and slender silhouette at the same time. So control, perseverance and stubbornness will be the keys to your greatest success!

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  1. COMA 8 April 2018 9 at: 07

    Clenbuterol is therefore an excellent fat burner used for weight loss or dry periods.

    Taken in cure of 4 at 6 weeks, at a rate of 650-120mcg per day for men and 50 - 90 mcg per day for women.

    WARNING: 650-120 mcg per day, the 6 is a typo, do not dose as much!

  2. Pierre-Marie March 18 2018 at 5: 47

    I will also add that you should not forget to drink a lot and limit sodium intake

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