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top-steroids-online.com, the source to buy your Steroids, HGH and Peptides!

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Our goal: To offer accessibility of steroids to everyone, with total safety and transparency.

We want to professionalize the sale of steroids...To be a reliable, consistent, honest, and accessible organization with absolute control at all levels, from consulting to final delivery. Say 'No more!' to illegitimate sites, without sufficient information, or proper post-cycle follow-ups.

Top Steroids Online is:

  • A clear and transparent professional website
  • 5 professional teams 100% available
  • The best prices
  • Exclusive promotions
  • 5-star customer service, in English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Genuine customer satisfaction approach
  • The best brands of steroids, peptides, and HGH
  • Authentic certified products, verifiable on the official websites of the brands
  • Nutrition specialists at your service
  • Available at all times
  • Fast delivery worldwide
  • Intrinsic sporting values


Authentic products purchased directly from the best laboratories

La The quality of our products is our primary objective. That's why we buy all our products directly from producers and not on the black market.

We pay special attention to the quality of our products.

We encourage you to check the authenticity of your products on these laboratory site:


Top-steroids-online, a committed and passionate team at your service since 2010

A team of professionals

Top Steroids Online comprises of a team of professionals who are experts at online sales. We have 5 different departments with each having its own team, specific organization, as well as a common objective and priority: YOUR SATISFACTION!

TEAM 1 : Integrated customer service

Mission: Serve professionally, guide, inform, follow, retain, use all existing devices to have exemplary availability for all our customers

TEAM 2 : Information and Specialist Advice

Mission: Bring real technical and professional skills, for all sports and all levels of experience. Produce product sheets, articles, detailed cures… Steroid experts at your service for complete personalized advice on all aspects of your cure (products, accessories, protection, training, diet).

TEAM 3 : “New Generation” website

Mission: Develop a clear site, easy to use and always more efficient. Be available live and online to answer all technical questions related to the use of the site. Allow you to always be connected whether by tablet or by phone thanks to our responsive technology.

TEAM 4 : Sales and Marketing

Mission: Offer competitive promotions, packs, and great prices. Be available online to always answer all of your questions.

TEAM 5 Purchase and Transport

Mission: Offer you the best brands, whose quality and authenticity are guaranteed. Give a preview of all new products, ensure fast shipping and innovative packaging. Be 100% discreet and secure with guaranteed international tracking.

top-steroids-online.com, the best source to buy your steroids, hgh and peptides. A reference from 2010

"Because you want the biggest range of stock!"

  • Our multi-warehouse organization with many brands allows a great flexibility in the choice of products, our catalog is the best on the market.
  • We always have a large stock of steroids, Peptides, Growth hormones, SARM's, Prohormones and EPO to send your orders immediately after payment validation.

"Because you want the safest shipping!"

  • With more than 80,000 packages sent since April 2010, our experience is no longer to prove.
  • Our success rate is exceptional: more than 97% of our packages arrive at their destination worldwide, and more than 98% in Europe, which is the best rate in the market in regards to the reception of anabolics.
  • We have several warehouses in the world. This multi-warehouse organization allows us global coverage.
  • Expedition: your order and your products arrive intact thanks to a preparation by our experienced logistic team.
  • We deliver worldwide in 3 to 15 days depending on the warehouse
  • We offer insurance (seizure, breakage, loss) with a free return at our expense. Learn more about delivery

"Because you want the best prices!"

  • Ready-to-use packs for all levels specially designed by our specialists with top rates. See packs
  • Great promotions all year

"Because You Want The Best Brands!"

  • We've selected the best brands on the market: innovative laboratories and professionals that guarantee products of the high quality. We only sell original products whose authenticity you can easily check on the laboratories website.
  • We work directly with all the major brands that we resell. See brands

"Because You Want the Best Customer service and Guidance!"

  • We answer in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and much more by email in less than 12h (average over this year) from Monday to Friday.
  • We carry out more than 2000 tailor-made cures per month and totally FREE to achieve your goals (mass gain, lean muscle, weight loss, lean, strength, preparation for a competition ...). Our Ben cure advisor is here for you: ask for your free cure now!

"Because you want the best sales site!"

  • Our e-commerce has been active since 2010, with thousands of satisfied customers who order and return with confidence.
  • Our customer service is the most efficient and always friendly.
  • In addition, our site is responsive: you can navigate and order with your smartphone in the greatest of comforts.
  • Your personal information is safe on our servers and your anonymity is guaranteed.
  • All of your connections are secured by SSL.

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