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Is it possible to run a steroid cycle without side effects?

Do you want to push the limits of your body? You are about to start a cure steroids anabolic, but you still remain a little skeptical, because of the possible side effects?

Know that the harmful effects of steroids on the body are most of the time the consequences of a blind and irrational use of these anabolic products.

Indeed, steroids can carry some risks. Finally, they can trigger some side effects, more or less inconvenient for the user. However, these side effects are by no means systematic and above all, can be avoided if we know them from the start.

So let's see how we can counteract these famous side effects.

What are the risks of anabolic steroids for the body?

Realizing an anabolic steroid cure will result in a rise in testosterone in your body. This increase will have an impact on the functioning of your body.

Positive side effects, anabolic steroids will allow rapid muscle growth, a PTO and a decrease in fat . Its main advantage is to act very quickly and thus to obtain visible results in just a few weeks.

However, this rapid action can also disrupt the functioning of the organism and cause significant disruption of normal functions if the user has not taken protection.

The rise of testosterone in the body is likely to lead to the following effects:

The development of virilizing properties :

Anabolic steroids are rarely recommended for women because of their virilizing properties. Indeed, being androgenic, anabolic steroids will then promote male characteristics such as:

  • Increased hairiness on the body, especially the lower back, the upper lip and the arms.
  • A change in vocal cords
  • Voice becoming deeper
  • Growth of the clitoris or penis

Modification of metabolism :

During the treatment, the body will work at 200%. This over-revving can then, in the most sensitive people, cause the following signals:

  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • Cholesterol Changes with an increase in LDL cholesterol (bad for the body) and a decrease in HDL cholesterol.
  • Heart problem and increased risk of cardiovascular disease : palpitations, tachycardia, thickening and enlargement of the left ventricle

Liver Problems :

Oral anabolic steroids will be metabolized in the liver. If the user does not take any protection during the cure, the liver may have problems with lesions, including cancer.

Risk of conversion of testosterone to estrogen:

Undertaking a steroid cure will lead to an increase in testosterone in the body. A natural testosterone will join synthetic testosterone. The body is then in surplus testosterone. In order to better manage this excess of testosterone, the body will then block the production of natural testosterone on the one hand. And on the other hand, the body will encourage the production of DHT. At this point, there is a risk that the body will turn testosterone into estrogen. This process corresponds to the aromatization occurring from the aromatase enzyme. If the aromatization occurs, the body will develop feminine peculiarities like breast appearance, testicular atrophy, decreased sperm production, decreased sexual desire.

A steroid cure can also cause some discomfort such as water retention, acne appearance, oily skin or even hair loss.

Follow an anabolic steroid cure by avoiding side effects :

If you decide to follow a steroid treatment to define your muscles, develop your strength and lose fat, the first precaution to take is to systematically avoid products sold on the black market. Indeed, on the black market, you will meet unscrupulous sellers, seeking the financial benefit first and foremost at the expense of your health. They will most often sell you fraudulent products, containing other chemicals, which can have serious consequences on your health. Moreover, these products are not subject to any control.

Next, a steroid cure will require three types of protections, in order to counteract the possible side effects.

Liver protection :

If you follow an oral steroid cure, you will therefore accompany your cure with a protection of the liver which will avoid the lesions caused by the anabolics. The best protection is currently Samarin 140, to take 1 tablet three times a day. The Samarin will protect your liver and stimulate the renewal of healthy liver cells.

Anti-estrogen protection :

In order to avoid the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, you will need to take an anti-estrogen. Arimidex ou Aromex provides excellent protection in this area. You will then take 1 tablet every other day, throughout the course. You will avoid the harms of the feminization of testosterone.

Recovery Cure (PCT) :

During the cure, the production of natural testosterone is stopped. It will therefore be relaunched at the end of the course by restimulating the HPTA axis. The best treatments for a PCT: combine Clomid et Nolvadex. During 21 days, you will therefore take 1 tablet from Clomid and 1 tablet from Nolvadex.

To counter other possible side effects, here are some tips:

  • To limit oily skin, wash with antibacterial soap
  • To remove acne : take an anti-acne lotion
  • Removing testicular atrophy: take 5 000 UI from theHCG per week for 15 days, then 250 IU twice a week.
  • Reduce water retention : take magnesium and vitamin B6
  • Decrease blood pressure : hypertension often appears at the beginning of the cure and then subsides. You can still reduce blood pressure belly with a treatment provided for this purpose.
  • Limit hair loss : combine HGH with your cure

In addition, consider drinking plenty of water in order to wash the kidneys and facilitate elimination.

By accompanying your steroids, various protections, you can thus fully benefit from the positive effects of steroids without having to suffer the side effects. To you now, a muscular silhouette, without fat and boosted energy!

Comments (4)

  1. Cedriq October 15 2017 6 at: 25

    A kind of article that could reassure more than one. I am one of those who believe that you can take anabolic steroids safely without endangering your health.

  2. Focard 8 September 2017 4 at: 43

    I set a rule before starting a cure, that of spending several weeks to document the effects, the dosage of the products. I do everything to take the utmost precaution,
    In 10 years of product use, I have seen only profits.

  3. lalane 7 September 2017 7 at: 26

    If you know how to do it and do it conscientiously, the side effects are avoidable!

  4. Ratchet 6 September 2017 5 at: 24

    What frightened me was that I did not have children. But it's simple enough to make a good raise. I take anabos since 10 years and my eldest to 6 years and the last 3 years.

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